Voltaire By: llobani marquez

Lived during the time period of 1694-1778

Originated from Paris, France

His ideas

Voltaire is said to have been the most brilliant and influential philosophers. He published more than 70 books of political essays, philosophy and drama. Voltaire never stopped fighting for tolerance, reason, freedom of religious belief, and freedom of speech. He believed that although not everyone may not agree, they should still be able to say it with and no punishment.

Impact on society

Voltaire's impact on society was that he guaranteed in U.S. Bill of Rights. The Bill of Rights gives people basic rights to what we now have today. Today, we have varieties of rights such as freedom of speech, press religion etc.. Voltaire had a big influence in the prgression of these rights.

Impact on traditional beliefs

Voltaire's idea's had a huge impact on traditional beliefs. Freedom of religion is a big idea that had an impact on traditional beliefs. People for a long hime had been practicing the same belief, but now, they have freedom of religion. This means that they could be around people from completely different religious beliefs. Freedom of speech is also big because before, the only things you could say about about leaders who have "the terrible" after them is thing like they are amazing or there couldnt be a better ruler. Now with this new idea of freedom of speech, they can say how the terrible leader was terrible and be like America today bashing Trump and surely having fun with it.

"Those who can make you BELIEVE absurdities can make you commit atrocities"~Voltaire

This means that those who can be easily persuading into believing something they know to be untrue, can be easily manipulated into doing something they know they should not do.

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