Program Notes By keenan Komancheck

Feugo Del Alama

In the piece I am studying, Feugo Del Alama, Its a high intensity piece of music. The Translation from Spanish to English is Fire of the Soul which is a fitting name for this piece. The piece was written by Carl Strommen. It has a wide span of instruments and sounds.

Carl Strommen

Carl Strommen works out of his home in long island with his wife. He composes jazz, concert band, and orchestra pieces. He is most for his piece of music Fuego del Alma which we play in band. Strommen tours around the USA and some in the UK. Other things Strommen is famous for are Kivgik, Albion Sketches, and Julia Delaney's Reel.


Fuego del Alma is a overture with high intensity. This piece is written for a high school level band/orchestra. Another component of this piece is that it features a wide verity of instruments and has a part that features some hand claps. Over all this is a great piece with a ton of features that make this piece amazing.

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