What is: PURE SHAMANIC OIL ? Natural Plant Extract of KAWA KAWA. A Customarily & Traditionally Processed Maori Remedy


As a virgin paradise Aotearoa New Zealand was one of the last land masses to be incorporated into the global amalgamation of our recent human history. It is a time capsule of uninterrupted natural beauty and has been the home of my MAORI people for nearly a Thousand Years. During that era the use of our forest medicines and remedies have been hidden from the world.

Shamanic Oil is an especially & uniquely, processed derivative of the Kawa Kawa Plant, found only in Aotearoa New Zealand

The Kawa Kawa plant is one of Maoris most prized remedies. However the rendering process of Kawa Kawa into Shamanic Oil is a closely guarded intellectual property. The rendering is a precise calobration and not easily copied, yet it makes the end purposes of the oil, extremely efficacious for a multitude of conditions from: Arthritis, to Gum disease, to Nail fungus, to Snoring, to Libido enhancement, just to name a few.

A Changing & more Accepting World

The bigger World has evolved out of its prejudicial inclinations to finally embrace, alternative views and practises including Chinese and Ayurvedic Indian Medicine, Yoga, Acupuncture and countless other alternative disciplines transcending our denominational, geographic and ethnic influences. This has ocurred over a phase of generational and even political socio/economic, change. Inevitably western and scientific thought are acknowledging if not, coexisting and concurring with other insights, respectfully. As we exercise our free choice of which solutions to mitigate or enhance our health, the menu for individuals has become one of lush variety. Really people just want practical efficacious outcomes, without the debate in our heads of "is it" or "is it not". At least we have the right to try for ourselves.

This unassuming plant has been one of the backbones of MAORI medicinal, preventative & totally natural health care. It is surprising that it delivers more where other things are simply "marketed" for one purpose alone. Using PURE SHAMANIC OIL for one thing, will by default implicate a plethora of other health benefits.

a SHAMANIC Range of Lifestyle Products

Shamanic Oil is used in various blends for various purposes and applications. Pure Shamanic Oil is a potent Product on its own and serves in many applications. This is are My current range. These products are a practical set of must have home products to ensure the harmonisation of ones interaction with loved ones and an esteeming of ones own sensual and health oriented self

*** tooth & GUM *** DETOXTIFIER

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Bleeding gums and plaque are annihilated. Truly addressed, with this amazing indigenous natural remedy. 3 to 5 days detox treatment. Fast, efficacious, and relieves such a commonly disruptive condition, which normally goes hand in hand with bad breath. My recommendation is to brush with baking soda after the detox treatment period. 3 or 4 applications brushing with Baking Soda will clear away any remnant plaque. After that care for your teeth according to your own regimen. Bleeding by then should be easily banished, but an intermittent detox every 6 months will usually abate dental dependence. The detox is also strengthening the teeth and gums, as one will discover when applying Shamanic Body Oil to the finger & toe nails


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Not so happy families.
Easily noticed difference on the one night of usage
PURE SHAMANIC OIL/ SNORING REMEDY: A snoring partner can inhibit a relationships flow. Again in terms of lifestyle, one will not want to unduly aggravate the spouse or partners sleep. This product will harmonise this aspect of your life. Clear efficacy and evidence is seen when using the IOS or Android "Snore-Lab App". It is an easy nightly sniff as a Roll On Nasal Inhalant. Over cumulative usage it will improve regularity, take out old age body aches, give un pressured relaxing demeanour, and clarity of mind, as well as aphrodisiac properties.


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PURE SHAMANIC OIL / LIBIDO ENHANCER acts less like an overwhelming exhaustive stimulant and more like a subtle facilitator, impacting more of your instinctive inclinations and passions, rather than your mindset preconceptions & inhibitions as you engage in love making.
The Roll On Nasal Inhalant can last a very long time, as you are merely relying upon the aroma rather than an oil. As the oil slowly disappears it can be replenished with non fragrant oil which will absorb the plant leaves curing over a week. You can repeat this three times but the potency will be weakened over time. As you develop an awareness of what works better for you, adjust to suit you. I have found as a prevention medicine I like to take 3-4 sniffs throughout the day including once before going to sleep for a better deeper sleep. It doesnt make you sleepy, it seems to just harmonise what ever you are doing whether its sleep, meditating, love making or even giving you stamina to stay aware alert or relaxed.
Other Uses & Products Pending

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