More Than Muscle Why Liberty Should Offer a Fitness Class.

Which Lifestyle looks more fun?

Exercise can be difference between having a healthy and enjoyable retirement or being stuck in a wheel chair. This class can teach students the benefits of exercising. I would much rather go down the path that does not have me stuck in a wheel chair.
One of the benefits that result from exercise is improved physical abilities, such as being able to jump higher. Working out helps to make activities, like basketball, even more enjoyable.
Working out can be the difference between staying healthy and spending time in the hospital. Exercise can treat or even cure some diseases.

Playing sports is one of the many exciting ways to get the body into proper condition.. Each student can find an exercise that they enjoy doing.

Working out can help the brain to alert a student when he or she is full. Exercise also helps students to make better decisions when it comes to food choices.

Exercise has been shown to reduce symptoms of depression and help people to feel less stressed. Exercise is the part of the solution for many of the students problems which is why Liberty should offer this fitness class.


Jacob McCloskey


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