Life of a Freshman By: Carlee lee


freshmen work nocturne

As a freshman we get so many opportunities to work fun events and participate so much. In a lot of other schools freshmen aren’t included a whole lot, but at mercy it’s the complete opposite.

waiting to play ultimate frisbee

As freshmen we participate in so many activities. We all love to be involved and participate whether it’s in class or extracurriculars.

Freshmen sing “Happy Birthday” to Rihanna Asham

We as freshmen love to make people feel welcome and loved. There is a friend for everyone at Mercy and you learn that on the first day.

working hard on homework

At Mercy we work hard, but we also play hard. We have so much fun here, but when it’s time to great down to work we do.

Carolyn Klein enjoys a starburst from Sr. Jensen

Mercy Girls are all about their big appetites! We as freshmen caught on to that tradition pretty quickly, especially on Fazoli Friday!

decorated freshmen lockers

Our big sister and little sister tradition all starts will them decorating our lockers with the things we like. Our big sisters are the first ones who make us feel like belong at Mercy. They say “hi” to us in the hallways and smile, they are amazing.

Emma Elsasser dancing to our class dance

At Mercy there are so traditions that we have. As freshmen we are involved in a lot, but we also have a lot of traditions to look forward too in the next few years!

rushing to get home

At the end of the day we are all exhausted from the hardworking classes and all the laughter, but our lives don’t end after the 3:00 o’clock bell. Even though we are freshmen we are involved in so many extracurriculars!

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