Syrian Refugees By: Cooper King

I think that we as Americans should bring in refugees because we are a country of immigrants. My first reason why we should take in these refugees is because it is our duty as Americans to take in as many refugees as we can handle. There are people in this world that say we shouldn’t help these refugees, and some of these people are governors. There are 31 governors refusing to accept any refugees. Even though they don’t have the authority to do so. They have suspicions about them not getting properly screened, and a few extremists slipping in. What I say to that is if you think that the screening system is wrong then you should help fix it. I have come up with a proposal that each governor can see to it that each refugee is properly scanned. Each governor only has to help 200 refugees get screened, since the President has proposed we only take in 10,000 refugees. This is only a small percentage of the roughly 485,000 needing to be placed (3). So because of this I think that we should have the governor's pay for the screenings and oversee the screenings for each refugee that comes to their state. This is a precaution I think is necessary to protect our country from the terrorism that the governors are afraid of.

Another reason that we should let these refugees into this country is because they can help our community grow. They can speak different languages so they won’t “take” other Americans jobs and can create new ones if they start their own company. In 2013 the International Labor Association conducted a survey with Syrians in Lebanon, Jordan, Iraq, and Egypt and got shocking results. Half of the workers were skilled ( meaning they were good at one thing ) and the other half was low skilled meaning the were good at agriculture or cleaning (2). Both of these would be a great contribution to our society like the high skilled workers could start companies and the low skilled workers could help Americans as maids or chefs. There are already 150,000 people from Syrian descent in the United States so they can help the refugees settle in America (2). These Syrian-American’s have a median income of about 65,000 dollars a year (2). These people could be a resource to help them ease into American culture, or they could recommend a job to them. In other words these refugees will not just be happier here but, they will also help our economy grow.

One final reason that we should accept these refugees is because of the children. These children have been through enough. Some are being forced against their will to kill or be killed for ISIS. ISIS has been sending out videos of children firing against captured men and they have been forcing other children watch as they die right before their eyes (1). Some children are being put to work others as soldiers and some as executioners (1). We can help these children by rescuing them from ISIS and bringing them to America to start a new life away from all of the death. We can save the kids from their villages where ISIS has scared them for life. We are already fighting against ISIS, why not try to save the Syrian children and help them in America? The answer is simple.

I think that we should let the refugees into America and provide them with homes and an opportunity for a better life. I think this because we are a country of immigrants and it is our duty as Americans to accept anyone and everyone that comes before us. This will not just benefit the refugees, but will also benefit Americans as well. They can work various types of jobs, and possibly create companies that will provide us with more jobs. This will help their children form a better tomorrow.

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