Living the Dream Emari Love

Getting to the NBA requires an ample amount of hard work and dedication.
Before getting to that level, one must focus on doing the best they can in school to even get the opportunity to play basketball.
While maintaining good grades, one must also consistently practice and work on improving their game in every aspect!
A good way to improve your skills and knowledge of the game is to attend basketball camps.
Eating healthy is key to maintaining good physical shape.
One must also be sure to take the proper precautions needed to take care of their body. Not doing so could lead to some more serious injuries that could hinder their chances of playing basketball.
You should choose a college that you feel will give you the best opportunity academically and to get you to the NBA!
All of the hard work pays off when you finally reach this level!
The hard work does not stop here, you need to continue to work hard to improve and become one of the best in the league!
The ultimate goal is to win the championship!
NBA players have other responsibilities they have to take care of off the court. For instance, they go to press conferences, community service events, and signing autographs for fans.


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