Northlakes High School Newsletter - week 5, term 2, 2021

Principal's Message

Term 2 has commenced with all students focused on achieving their personal best this term. Year 7 and Year 9 students are undertaking their National Assessments in Literacy and Numeracy (NAPLAN) with the vast majority taking it seriously and striving for their best outcome.

Year 11 are half way through their studies and are experiencing a number of significant assessment tasks/events. Most are going really well and we are supporting those that are finding the workload stressful. If your child needs support completing their tasks then please encourage them to seek help from their classroom teacher or Year Advisor.

Early this term we farewelled Mr Pankhurst, who was transferred to Scone High School as their Agriculture teacher. Mr Pankhurst had devoted years of service to Northlakes High as our Agriculture teacher and has built up the farm to be regarded as one of the best on the Central Coast/Lake Macquarie region. We have been extremely lucky to have him teach and mentor students in the industry of agriculture and he will be missed by all. Many students have successfully entered employment using the skills they have gained on the farm over the years due to Mr Pankhurst’s passion and professionalism. We wish Mr Pankhurst all the best in Scone as he purchases a farm himself in the area. We are currently advertising for a new Agriculture teacher and in the interim thank Mr Roberts-Garnsey who will manage the farm and Agriculture classes.

This term we are also welcoming a new Farm Assistant, Ms Sarah McAlpine. Sarah will work three days a week supporting the activities of the farm. Sarah joins us following significant experience as a Jillaroo. We look forward to Sarah sharing the skills and experiences she brings with students who study Agriculture.

Sarah McAlpine

Last week we opened our doors for our Year 7, 11 and 12 parent/teacher interviews. It was a highly successful evening with many parents commenting that they enjoyed the more relaxed style of the event with only three year groups. It allowed parents more time to speak with staff without the pressure of the next parent being booked in breathing down your neck. We will hold another night early in Term 3 for parents in Years 8, 9 and 10 once half yearly reports have been sent home to give parents an opportunity to discuss the reports and plan strategies to support students improve throughout Semester 2.

Congratulations to Mrs Ferguson who welcomed her baby girl Isla Scott Ferguson on the 27th April.

Our thoughts are with Mrs Ferguson as she navigates Isla's birth so soon after her husband Scott's passing from brain cancer.

For those that wish to support the family the following 'GoFund Me' link has been established to collect donations

As we move into the cooler weather, I ask parents to check what uniform children have to wear and check that it is appropriate for school and complies with our uniform guidelines. Students should be wearing a plain black jumper, cardigan, hoodie with a logo that can be covered by a single hand. Students should not be wearing coloured jumpers (eg Grey / Red) or jumpers with large branding all over the chest or arms (eg Champion). Similarly, students should be wearing plain black pants. These could be tracksuit pants, jeans, slacks but not tights, leggings/jeggings or jeans with rips and tears in them. Our canteen uniform shop has plenty of stock and financial assistance is available via application through the front office if complying with our uniform requirements is cost prohibitive.

There is really no excuse for a student to regularly out of uniform other than their choice to be non-compliant.

Lastly, I ask that parents take a moment on a regular basis to check the contents of their child’s school bag. Too many students are coming to school without books and pens to complete work and many have food items/rubbish in their bags that have been in there since the start of the year. We are also finding many are carrying e-cigarettes/vapes in pockets of their bags. A quick parent inspection on a regular basis will help us all in managing items that should not be coming to school and ensuring that students have the equipment they need to complete classes each day.

Mr Welham

Year 7

Welcome to Term 2 of Year 7. I hope everyone had a restful holiday break and has settled back into the routine of school.

NAPLAN is up and running in Week 4 of this term. Good luck to all our year 7 students. Catch-up sessions will be held for students who are absent for their scheduled testing period. If students are feeling overwhelmed or anxious during this testing period, they are encouraged to speak with me.

A reminder that due to unforeseen circumstances the Year 7 Camp date and venue has been changed.

The new date is Week 7- Wednesday 2/6/21- 4/6/21. It will now be held at the Great Aussie Bush Campo- Tea Gardens. A new note will be sent home with student and emailed out by the end of the week 4. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by the change. There are still spots available and I am really looking forward to the all the fun, challenge and adventure on camp in week 7!

Students are welcome to see me if they need help with anything in J block, and parents/carers can contact me on 43900555, or kyle.brown16@det.nsw.edu.au with any questions or concerns.

Mr Brown

Year 7 Advisor

Year 8

Well the term is moving along quickly! With that our upcoming camp is approaching. At this stage we have had minimal notes returned so will be combining with Year 7. Please return your notes ASAP with the deposit. Payment Schedules can be arranged, just contact the office. The activities we are participating in and the friendships developed provides an amazing opportunity for all our students.

I would like to recognise the following students for demonstrating our PBL rules ( Respect Responsibility and Personal Best) that have been identified by their teachers.

Ben Wasson

Ethan Jenkins

Jake Williams

Kyle O’Connor

Angus Atkinson

Jayde Bailey-Down

Corey Harris

Tehya Jackson

Kiesha Peachy

Crystal Issom

Our Athletics Carnival was a huge success and it was great to see so many students participating in the events.

As Year Advisor I am parents and carers main contact, if you have any welfare or academic concerns please contact me either by email Kristie.pafumi@det.nsw.edu.au or phone 43900555.

Mrs Pafumi

Year 9

Welcome back to Term 2 everyone. I hope everyone had a lovely Easter and are refreshed and recharged for another busy Term 2. Year 9 have settled back into a routine and are showing the core values of the school.

Term 2 assessment tasks will be starting to come out during the coming weeks into the lead up for Semester 1 Reports. If any Year 9 student needs assistance, they are welcome to come and speak with me to assist them or speak to their classroom teacher. I encourage Year 9 to complete their assessment task to their Personal Best, as this will be reflected in their report.

Start of Week 3 was the athletics carnival, which many Year 9’s actively participated or cheered on their age group. I even joined in the 100m sprint with some Year 9 students, which my legs are regretting. I would like to congratulate Summer Baigent for breaking the 14’s Female High Jump record of 1.44m (a record which has stood since 1991). Summer’s jump of 1.5m was impressive and showed our core value of doing her Personal Best. I would also like to congratulate Lilly Crisp for narrowly missing out on the 14’s Female Long Jump by 10cm.

Breaking records


Mr Dawkins

Year 9 Advisor

Year 10

Halfway through another busy term for Year 10! The focus this term – future pathways!

Thank you to all the parents who took the time out of their busy schedule to attend the SBat information evening. Year 10 students will find that the following weeks will feature a number of different evenings or sessions at school that centre on their future pathway. There are a number of staff at school that can be contacted to support the decision making process – students just need to remember that they are the one setting their goals and following their pathway and we are the people supporting them along the way! The choice is theirs to make, they are all very capable and their future is bright! More information to come about subject selection – keep watch on the school’s Facebook and check your emails!

In the meantime, students need to keep their attendance above 85%, all assessment tasks need to be submitted by the due date – all parents and carers were emailed the students assessment schedule if you would like to keep up to date with due dates – if a student receives an N-determination, you are welcome to contact their classroom teacher to discuss what the student is required to do in order to resolve that N-determination. Please do not hesitate to contact me if anything is needed on 43900555.

Ms Ewer

Year 10 Advisor

Year 11

After a busy and productive Term 1, students are well underway completing their Preliminary year of the HSC course. Term 2 is a busy term for learning. Students will be completing lots of assessment tasks and working rigorously through their courses. From all accounts, they are settling into their courses well.

I would like to remind everyone about wearing the correct school uniform especially now the cooler weather has arrived. A plain black jumper or hoodie is part of our school uniform and should be easy to find in many clothing shops at a reasonable price.

A reminder to students that their attendance is important to ensure that they are not missing valuable class time. Students should aim to keep their attendance above 85%. This means that is students miss more than 1 day of school a week their attendance will be below 85%. Every day and every lesson matters.

Also, if you are away from school please provide a note explaining your absence. It would be wise for students to organise a Doctor’s certificate for times that they are away due to illness. This could help with requests for extensions for work and tasks missed. Unfortunately, without documentation to support a student missing an assessment task they will receive zero marks.

Finally, I am in the process of organising our senior jackets. It is a personalised jacket with your name, nickname and a detachable hood. The total cost will be $100. If students would like to order a jacket it is important that they pay a $50 deposit by 28th May. Most students have come to see and tried on sizes. If you have not been sized up, please come and see in the English staffroom.

These jackets will be a great keepsake for students and will keep them wonderfully warm on cold days. Please see a mock-up of what the Year 12 2022 Senior Jacket will look like.

As always, if you have any concerns or wish to contact me, please feel free. I can be contacted on 43 900 555 or via email at Amanda.wright25@det.nsw.edu.au

Mrs Reay

Year 11 Advisor

Year 12

Welcome back to Term 2. I hope that all students and parents/ carers have had a relaxing and refreshing holiday. This term we turn our attention to preparing for our HSC Trial examinations that will be completed early in Term 3. These examinations are incredibly important as they provide the student an indication of their progress thus far. It will allow them to reflect on their achievement and set realistic goals in order to improve on their results. Luckily, #teamNorthlakes are providing students with some guidance and support for their subjects. The CILSP Period 0/ Period 5 tutoring is up and running. Dedicated HSC teachers are giving up their time either before or after school to tutor different subjects across Year 12. This is being offered free to Year 12 students, and usually can cost up to $70 per hour for an outside tutor. Please encourage your students to attend tutoring and take advantage of the free opportunity that is being offered. If you would like further information regarding tutoring please don’t hesitate to contact me.

As we only have 90 school days left (at the time of writing this) it is important that Year 12 are completing the things they need to before the HSC begins in October. Students must complete all assessment tasks and attend all lessons- it would be silly to get an N Warning for non-completion of a task when students are so close to finishing school. Further, students must complete their Minimum Standards for attainment of their HSC. There are a small number of students that need to re-sit some of the tests so please ensure you see a member of the Intensive Learning Support Program so that you can get this completed.

As we get closer to the end I would just like to say to Year 12 to please not give up and keep powering through! I have had a lot of feedback regarding Year 12 feeling low and giving up on their commitments. I would like to say that #teamNorthlakes are here to support each and every child and if a student is struggling in any way please ask them to seek support from their year advisor. I am here to support all our Year 12 students in a very difficult and stressful time so please encourage students to come and see me if need be.

Some students touching base with Mr Freebody

If you have any concerns or wish to contact me, please feel free. I can be contacted on 43 900 555 or via email at jarad.freebody@det.nsw.edu.au

Mr Freebody

Year 12 Advisor

COVID Intensive Learning Program from DoE

As we all know, 2020 was a tough year.

This is particularly so for our students and teachers who have risen to the challenges in a disrupted year that included seven weeks of remote learning due to COVID-19, and in some areas, that came on top of bushfires and floods.

For our students, this has been an unsettling time.

The government and department have recognised this with the announcement of a $337 million program aimed at ensuring that schools can identify students who would benefit the most from intensive support. This will be tailored to their requirements to ensure that students’ educational outcomes continue to improve in 2021.

The 2021 COVID intensive learning support program will provide small group tuition for students who need it most across NSW primary, secondary and specialist schools.

All public schools across the state will benefit with an allocation to employ additional teachers and educators to support student learning. Northakes High School have been lucky enough to have two teachers, Mrs Dowe and Mr Freebody, appointed for twelve months to run this program. Mrs Dowe will be responsible for Years 7-9, whilst Mr Freebody will be responsible for Years 10-12. A small team has been employed to help implement this program successfully, with the aim of lifting students achievement who were most impacted during the COVID period.

Very shortly we will start planning for the implementation of small group tuition program in our school. The groups might be conducted during schools hours, after school or remotely and, maybe, a combination of all three. Although we will be focusing on literacy and numeracy, we are considering a number of subject areas.

We will keep you updated. In the meantime the department’s website has more information on this program.

Adaptive Learning Centre (ALC)

Adaptive Learning staff and students would all agree that term 2 is already flying by. Staff are busy planning activities that enrich and educate our students and with the easing of Covid-19 restrictions this has meant that we can restart our catering program.

Each Friday, with the support of staff, a group of students from ALC classes create a delicious morning tea. This multifaceted program allows students to order groceries online, follow recipes and create mouth-watering morning tea for staff from across the school. This real-life catering experience is an example of how we are able to provide our students with opportunity to showcase their talents by preparing foods for paying customers. The students get rave reviews and plenty of customers!

At the start of the term, Mrs Perkins took a group of senior ALC students to Fairhaven. Fairhaven are the largest provider of supported employment on the Central Coast and provide employment opportunities for people who live with a disability. This visit allowed the students and staff to see just one of the many post-school opportunities available to our students.

Further learning experiences are also happening each week in the classroom, out on community access and in our alternative learning environments such as our garden. Along with help from the Northlakes Boys Education group, we are in the process of renovating our garden beds and will be soon planting, growing and eventually harvesting some delicious autumn vegetables. The vegetables will then be utilised in our cooking programs and soup kitchen. This process expands student’s knowledge of where our food comes from and how it is prepared. We are very lucky at Northlakes High School to have one of the best special education facilities on the Central Coast.

Ms Parkes

Twinlakes Centre

Students at Twinlakes are having a great first semester. They have been working on their class and personal goals with most achieving some level of success in each area.

Students have been enjoying many activities outside of the normal classroom activities as can be seen from the following photos.

Ag Farm

Work Experience.

Community Access

Community Access


We have a number of students at crucial points of their education this year. A number will be working at obtaining their ROSA and one student will be completing his Year 12.

Our students are now ranging from year 7 to year 12 so our teachers are working hard to ensure our programs address the diverse educational needs of all our students.

We would like to thank all our parents and carers for the support they have given the program so far this semester.


Mr Hoste


The athletics carnival was held on Monday the 3rd and Tuesday the 4th of May. We had spectacular weather for our full day on Monday which led to some great participation in all of our track and field events. Participation was up this year with several heats of events for almost every age group.

Day one required students to participate in 100m, high jump, shot put, discus, javelin and long jump. Lunch break offered students the opportunity to participate in the challenging 1500m event.

Summer Baignet was a highlight of the day breaking a 30 year old record for the 14 year girls high jump. The record was originally set by N. Gale in 1991 with a jump height of 1.44m, on her final jump of the day Summer cleared 1.50m. Congratulations Summer on a fine effort!

Day two of the carnival was the long distance events and the opportunity for the whole school to support their house and cheer on their friends. The 200m, 400m and 800m were hotly contested in all age groups with Logan Cook showing his Athletic prowess in these events.

The novelty events were run by the Muru Bulbi team and gave the opportunity for all age groups to compete in a tug-o-war challenge.

Congratulations to the following students who achieved age champions

Age Group Female Male

12 Years Mia Hellyer Jake Malone

13 Years Georgia Taylor Cooper Foss

14 Years Summer Baigent Adam Taylor Monzer

15 Years Mia Herron Mason Arnold C

16 Years Emma Mc Hale Thomas Lindrop

17 Years Erica Stoddard / Pyper Andrew Max Barsby

Mason Arnold achieved the highest point score of all students in the carnival. Congratulations Mason!!!

Another congratulations to Panamuna house for taking the trophy for the Athletics. Panamuna will add this to their 2021 Swimming carnival win, well done blue team!

House Point Scores -

Panamuna 1431

Goolara 1431

Yindara 1034

Allunga 988

Barakee 986

Bimbimbee 952

Banyandah 678

Dilkara 601

The athletics carnival was the last carnival for the year, thank you to the PDHPE faculty for all your hard work organising carnivals this year. Looking forward to bigger and better things in 2022.

Mrs Dedman

Teaching and Learning


Please note our P&C AGM will be held Wednesday 26th May in the R.H.Strike library 3pm. You will need to be QR coded on arrival. We look forward to welcoming our families.

Community Engagement

Our students did us proud at the Doyalson ANZAC service on Sunday 25th April. Our students are always well received by the Doyalson Sub Branch and were invited after the service to join the rest of the schools who contributed to the service for a cold drink and a packet of chips.

It has been fantastic for us to be able to welcome community back into school. Tuesday 4th May we had the pleasure to invite years 5 & 6 families to our welcome BBQ. Despite the rain we had over 130 people join us for a great afternoon. We look forward to holding more activities throughout the year.

Welcome BBQ


Calling for all Expression of Interest for Duke of Edinburgh Award!

In 2021 Mrs Boake and Mr Brown are looking for students aged 14 years and above, male or female to come and complete their Bronze Duke of Edinburgh Award. We are starting at the Bronze level and hope to move through them as the years progress.

So, What is The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award?

The Duke of Edinburgh’s International Award (the Award / the Duke of Ed) is a positive and rewarding challenge of self-discovery. By undertaking four core activities within the Award Framework and regularly working towards individual goals. Participants aged 14-24 are equipped and empowered to achieve their personal best, take ownership of their own goals and life choices and become actively engaged within their community and workforce.

The Award Framework

There are three levels to the Award:

• Bronze

• Silver

• Gold

Each of these levels consists of four mandatory Sections:

1. Voluntary Service

2. Physical Recreation

3. Skills

4. Adventurous Journey

The Gold Award has an additional requirement – a Gold Residential Project.

Students will complete the first three components (voluntary service, physical recreation and skills) as an individual but as a group we have a practice and qualifying adventure hike (Adventurous Journey). On these trips we will hike self-sustained with all food and shelter on our backs and spend the night out camping. Bronze medallion requires a 2 day 1 night hike twice during the award.

The Adventurous Journey is all about getting out and going on an expedition or exploration in an unfamiliar and challenging environment. More than any other Section of the Award, the Adventurous Journey is about teamwork and social connection with the team. The journey creates the environment for group work through planning, task sharing, problem solving, role allocation and team reflection.

Students are encouraged to use the Active Kids Vouchers and Creative Kids Vouchers to help with the cost of the skills and physical recreation elements of the award.

Check this link out to find out if you are #worldready

If you are interested in being involved or want more information then come and put your name down in J block and Mrs Boake and Mr Brown will let you know what you need to do to become a Dukey.

Northlakes Leo Club

Less than a month to go till the 2021 Rotary Community Raffle is drawn at the Halikulani Bowling Club on the long weekend in July. The Prizes are amazing, with FIRST PRIZE OF $3,500 CASH. Tickets are $5 each, 5 for $20, or 15 for $50, the more tickets you buy, the cheaper the tickets are. Please support the Leos making our community a better place by buying a raffle ticket.

2021 Community Raffle, tickets $5 each or 5 for $20 or 15 tickets for $50. Prizes are:

1st prize - $3,500 Cash

2nd prize – 7 night holiday at Mounties Resort at Sussex Inlet, valued $1,200

3rd prize - Stay & Play Magenta Shores Golf Package, valued at $500

4th prize - Private Sailing Tour for 4 on Lake Macquarie, valued at $380

To buy tickets, please Scan the QR code in the Add for the 2021 Community Raffle. If you are interested in purchasing tickets, but can’t use the QR code, please call Leo Advisor Lynda Elsley on Ph43 900 555 on Mondays and Fridays & she will organise tickets for you.

The Leos held a very successful Bunnings BBQ on Saturday 8 May. Well done to Leos Samantha, Savannah R, Cooper, Isabella, Hayley, Savannah N & Zoe for helping to run the Bunnings BBQ. Thanks also to parents Marie for being our Cashier, to Mark and Paul for being our Chefs and to Maxine, Brett & Robert for helping with the packing up. A very big thank you to Ann-Marie and Bunnings Lakehaven for always supporting our School and the Leos in their fund-raising efforts.

Upcoming Leo Events

Fri 11 June - KFC Meal Deal

Sat 12 June – 2021 Rotary Raffle drawn at 7pm at The Hali Bowlo.

Sat 26 June – Camp Breakaway Markets – Leos will be running, BBQ, Cake Stall, Craft & Jewellery Stall. If you have been decluttering and would like a stall, please call Ruth at Breakaway’s Auxiliary on 4399 3699 to book your stall in.

Sat 11 September – Camp Breakaway Markets – BBQ, Cake Stall, Craft & Jewellery Stall.

Sat 13 & Sun 14 November- Mingara Relay for Life – NLHS Leos are having a team. Any students, parents or teachers who would like to join our team please go to https://www.cancercouncil.org.au/relayforlife/teams/ei00222228/ to register, $15 registration up until 13 May and then it becomes $20 registration after 14 May. You will receive a Relay for Life t-shirt for your registration fee.

The Leos are always collecting:-

• Warm WINTER MEN’S CLOTHING, Warm WINTER WOMEN’S TRACKPANTS only, Enclosed shoes, NEW UNDERWEAR & SOCKS for both men and women.


• TOILETRIES from hotels or unwanted toiletries you receive as a gift. These are made into toiletry packs for the homeless and distributed through Coast Hands.

• Any unwanted UNOPENED TOILETRIES, MAKE-UP, WOMEN’S PERSONAL CARE ITEMS Suitable for Share the Dignity Handbags.

• OLD PRESCRIPTION GLASSES are recycled overseas to the poor in disadvantaged countries.

• Any unwanted CHILDREN’S OR ADULTS GIFTS you may have at home.

• 5 CENT COINS for Australian Lions Childhood Cancer Research Foundation.

If you child likes helping others & making new friends whilst having fun doing fund-raising and volunteer work, then they may like to join the Leos. We currently have 34 Leos, from Years 7-12. Ask your child to pick up a Leo Application Form from the Leo Noticeboard outside the School Counsellor’s office down near the hall. Parents have to give their permission for their child to join the Leos and there is a $5 joining fee but no annual subscription. The forms get returned to Lynda (Leo Advisor). Leos are given a purple polo shirt to wear at Leo activities and projects.

Mrs Elsley – Leo Advisor

Thank you

A big thank you to the Central Coast Bulldogs (masters) for your kind donation of food to make toasted sandwiches for our students. They were enjoyed this week by our ARC class.

Employment Opportunity

Ventia Broadspectrum is looking for casual school cleaners.

You should be energetic and enthusiastic. Areas include

• Chittaway Bay

• Doyalson

• Erina

• Gosford

• Somersby

• Northlakes

• Terrigal

• Wyong

The suitable applicant must have a current driver’s licence and reliable transport, must be able to pass a National Police Check, Pre-Employment Medical (including drug & alcohol testing) and obtain a paid Working with Children Check prior to commencement.

Hours of work consist of either:

• Day shift Monday to Friday 11am – 3pm

• Early morning (5-9:00 am) or afternoon (2:00-6 pm) subject to change. Shifts are either day shift, morning or afternoon shift or a combination of both.

Key Duties:

• Cleaning of all touch points (taps, bubblers, handrails, door handles, bathrooms etc.)

• Mopping, sweeping, dusting, and vacuuming, you will need to be able to complete various duties under strict timelines

• Maintenance of stock supplies and orders.

To apply, go to

Uniform Donations Needed

Our clothing pool has started to get very low again. Please drop in any unused uniforms to the front office.


Brava Ave, San Remo, NSW, 2262

Phone: 02 4390 0555

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