Florida Museum of Natural History Jasmine cornileus

Florida Caves and Bats: Nature on Display

Standing in the replica of the cave was a sort of spooky experience. This exhibit peaked my interest because it gave me a pretty cool glimpse into the underground world of caves and caverns. It gave me a chance to feel what it's like to be in these caves - an experience that I would not have on any other day. To hear the dripping of distant fluids and stuttering of unsuspecting creatures was pretty neat. The bats really caught my interest. I hate bats, and could only imagine what my reaction would be if I were in an actual cave, to look up and see those above me. Ew! Overall, the exposure to a part of nature that I don't know much about or encounter a lot made the exhibit the most interesting.
Florida Cave Bats

Butterfly Garden: Nature and Ethics

The Butterfly Rainforest placed me within the beautiful world of butterflies and nature. It was very serene and calm, the sun was shining, and the butterflies were gracefully gliding through the air. I think this really gave me an opportunity to appreciate nature, I felt like I was almost one with the serenity as I sat on a bench admiring what was around me. Other people reacted similarly, taking pictures and smiling in joy at the colorful creatures. By creating this sanctuary, the museum really gave visitors an opportunity to fully immerse themselves. While in the exhibit, I did think about how we are slowly destroying opportunities like these in the natural world. I felt encouraged to think about the environment more, and how we handle it, so that our other earthy friends can continue to thrive and enjoy it too.

Estuary: Nature and the Human Spirit

At this exhibit, the sea creatures were blown up in size, giving it a surreal, unique feel. I felt as if I were underwater. This surreal experience took me out of my ordinary life, placing me into the world of a Florida estuary. Seeing the fish so huge when they're much smaller than that gave me a closer look at the mystery that is underwater life. It helped me by giving me the opportunity to study these creatures more closely, to see them as one, and not as something that I just look at on the TV or eat for dinner.

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