The Pilot be heard

In Canada, we have a variety of religions and languages that separate us. But now, with the ability to simply put the pilot into your ear, everyone is heard.

Waverly Labs is joining with Machine translation and wearable technology to develop the earpiece language translator.

The little translator comes in the selection of black, white and red. An app is needed to download different languages that can be accessed through your mobile device.

This device is perfect for foreign business opportunities where if all conversationalists wear the ear piece, multiple people can join the conversation even when speaking different languages. Not only this, but the smartphone app has the ability to transmit what you're saying to everyone in the room.

No more giant box phones to understand others.


1)the pilot uses dual noise- cancelling microphones to filter noise from the speech when someone is talking.

2) the speech is passed through the smartphone app and is then converted to one's given language.

3) the translated language is sent to the other person in the conversation.

The operation of it all.

The Pros and Cons


-this device helps you to connect with your friends and family whom don't speak the same language

-it's great for travelling to foreign countries

-businesses making international exchanges will no longer suffer through a translator

-aids in the advancement of learning and recognizing different languages

-impacts relationships which are challenged through language barriers.


-those that do not have the Pilot cannot carry a conversation with the other

- when offline or with no data, one cannot use the device

-it is not waterproof incase of rain

-people won't receive the experience of learning a language

-limited languages available

-the machine translation is not perfect which can create confusion between the conversationalists

The impact in now and in the Future

The Pilot is the key to translation between those speaking different languages. It's an easy and inexpensive way to communicate with others. Not only is this device needed through everyday life, it's also perfect for those that travel or perform daily jobs with those that do not speak the same language. Since it is a direct translation, there are no pauses-thus continuing conversations fluently. Regarding the future, our world has become so diverse that the Pilot is needed through many people's daily lives.

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