What is liturgy? By Salomé Bálsamo

Liturgy is the act of taking a public worship towards ones God. The word liturgy literally means "public service". That is a clear because the chuch is always trying to help those in need with the word of God, LOTS of love and charity.

Communion at liturgy.

Mass as sacrifice

The mass represents Jesus sacrifice for us, this shows how He loves us all and that he died for us is the most beautiful symbol of love the world will ever know. By attending Mass we are honoring the Son's life and sacrife towards us, his passion and resurrection.

He Died for us, therefore his love is eternal

Community and Liturgy

The sacrament of the Eucharist has always been a source of unity and it has made the connection between those who together worship, and those who do it along, be richer and better.

Holy communion.

Liturgical diversity in the Church

The chuch is really diverse, She takes anybody regardless of religion, language and culture. The chuch is the responsible for all the Christian to be together.

I have neither given nor received unauthorized help in this work

Period B



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