october 2016

Volume 1, Number 7

Jeffry Booher, Editor In Chief

Photography is the recording of strangeness and beauty with beguiling precision—Sebastian Smee
Terri Thompson

From the office of the president

It is hard not to notice the low number of monochrome entries in our monthly exhibits and quarterly competitions. This month’s message is to encourage you to get out of your color comfort zone, experiment and give monochrome a try. When you are looking for a way to turn an ordinary snapshot of an animal, landscape or portrait into something artistic, consider converting it to Black & White. Converting images from color to just tonal values can bring drama to an otherwise ordinary photo. Clouds in the sky are usually a good example of contrast that work together to bring eye-catching scenes to an image.

The process of converting a color image to monochrome can be as simple as desaturating the colors. You can also venture deeper in your post-processing by brightening the focus areas or separating similar subjects by changing their tonal values.

Make sure your color (RAW) photo has been prepped before converting to B&W
  • Adjust the overall exposure then adjust the exposure in the highlights and shadows of your image to improve the overall output
  • Enhance the fine details of your image by sharpening and adding structure
  • Check the black-point and white-point values--make sure highlights and shadows are not clipped or fall outside 0-245 range to optimize detail
  • Crop if needed
  • Remove unwanted objects, spots, etc
  • Use the individual color hue sliders to adjust tonal values. Even though the image has no color, it still has tonal values that can be manipulated by changes to the hue
  • Finalize your image by fine-tuning exposure and contrast
  • Check the black-point and white-point values again for values that are outside an acceptable range (around 15-245). If there are values outside of this range and they are small areas with no interest, it may be ok; otherwise, detail may be missing which could have an impact on your image so you may want to consider making further adjustments.

A monochrome treatment is worth a try when you are looking for something different but it is not something you can do for all of your images. I look forward to seeing your Black and White discoveries in our October competitions and exhibitions.



The dream team

The 500px Leadership Team took off one Saturday early in September to preview the 500px walk routes and it was a spectacular day for a walk in the Park and it was great fun until we got lost.

The walk preview was an opportunity for the walk leaders to get out and shoot together and discover what Diane and Josi had mapped out for us to shoot but then we ended up in the San Diego High School campus like a bunch of caged mice. Dave Poplawski asked one of the students who was on campus that Saturday for directions back to the Photographic Arts Building but his mom dropped him off so Survivor, High School Edition continued for another 20 or 30 minutes while the 5 of us checked every gate, nook and cranny trying to escape teenager island.

We finally found our way and we brought back some photos of our escapades to share with the club--though, none of us thought to take any photos of Dave asking a 14 year old for directions. Why could this not have happen during the quarter of the Silliness competition?


happy beginning

We had over 100 people signed up for the 500px walk but, you know what that means: only about 50 actually showed up. So we had about 30 attend plus 12 Darkroomers and their guests. It was a good turnout and the Photographic Arts Building was packed. We even had folks from as far away as Apple Valley and Laguna Niguel come walk with us. The theme was Action and Adventure and, even though there wasn't much action in the Park on Saturday, we managed to find some action, and have a adventurously good time.

Our walk leaders, Janice, Michael Marcus, Josi & Diane, Dave Pop & Jeff led four groups on various routes with stops at The Carousel, The Train, The Zoo (the entrance, not the actual zoo), Spanish Village, The Municipal Gym, and all points in between. Here are some highlights from the trip.

Shannon Brady captured this shot of her brother's flight: Spirit Airlines Flight 507 DFW --> SAN on Saturday. He's the pilot. What a great shot!

Spirit Air 119

Participants of the 500px photowalk are encouraged to submit one image from the walk which we will hang in our gallery and they are invited to our October 5th Open House.



We are walking again on October 1st! This will be a night walk and night photography experts Les and Mary Anderson are going to join us to answer any questions about night photography. There will be light painting, graffiti, bridges, graffiti bridges, and light trails and, well, Les and Mary. Also on the program: The San Diego Light Saber Team is going to performing a light saber battle on the graffiti bridge that is going to be insane! Kim Tiffany is also coming and she is going to be Pixelstick-ing it up with some Star Wars themed backdrops. Scott Kelby didn't see this coming...

We will be traversing the park as one large group since this will be a night event

what you need to bring:

  • Tripod
  • Ultra Wide Angle / Wide Angle Lenses (14-24/24-20)
  • Flashlight or headlamp (red light)
  • Cable Release or Remote Trigger with Shutter Lock
  • Comfortable Shoes
  • Light Jacket in case it gets chily


The event takes place on Saturday October 1st at 6:30pm and we start and end at the Photographic Arts Building




"Fairbanks, Aurora Borealis" by Les Anderson

So half of your life is spent in the dark of night, but have you really explored the possibilities of night sky photography? You travel halfway around the world to iconic places in the northern and southern hemisphere, you click away until sunset and then call it quits for the day. Maybe you get up to catch the sunrise. Think again, maybe you should lose a little sleep and capture some of the most outstanding images of your life. Come explore Earth and sky when the Moon and stars come out and photography techniques you can use between sunset and sunrise.

On October 15th, Darkroomers joins Poly Photo to welcome Les and Mary Anderson as they explore the art of night sky photography. You most likely own all the equipment you need but the software to make multi-image star trails is fun and free so why not give it a try? Specific applications and techniques for planning optimal images of Earth objects like mountains, buildings and trees combined with The Sun, The Moon and stars will be reviewed in this workshop. A handout will also be provided that covers some of the handy techniques and a pre-shoot checklist to help get you the image you want and keep Murphy at bay.

The event takes place on October 15th at 9:30am in the Photographic Arts Building and is sponsored by SCACC, and Darkroomers. A Poly Photo production.


November in october

"Veiled Death" by Jeff Booher

Dia De Los Muertos is usually in November but this year it comes in October and Darkroomers plans to be there when it happens. On Saturday, October 29th, Darkroomers will be meeting, once again, for the Dia De Los Muertos San Diego (Day of the Dead) annual event in Old Town. This is one of the best people photography events in San Diego because these face painters love to have their photos taken so they will pose for you and, sometimes, you come home with award winning images. We will meet in front of the Cosmopolitan Hotel at 11am but get there early or take public transit as parking is sure to be a premium.


fire anguisher

Our quarterly competition Anguish is fast approaching so, if you haven't already done so, you need to start getting your images together for the competition. The competition takes place on October 5th and we are inviting participants from both the Scott Kelby and the 500px walks to come vote on images.

The color division standings are pretty close--with Angie Crompton in the lead by only a few points.



your inner vivian

Our October 5th program will also be screening the documentary: Finding Vivian Maier. This is the story about a unique woman whose undiscovered talents lie wait for those to discover years after her death and she had some powerful images. You won't want to miss this. It is a an emotional rollercoaster of a true story. Laurie Rubin from ViewBug is also coming to the October 5th extravaganza with some exciting prizes and giveaways. It is going to be a fun filled evening with tons of extras.


Club news

The Year End Competition Committee has finalized the categories for this year's year end program. The big change this year is that there is no Architecture category. The People category has been further split and Landscape has been split into Landscape and Seascapes. That means there are 8 categories this year instead of 7.

  • Landscape -- see Drema if you need more information...
  • Seascapes -- must clearly be sea or ocean themed; lakes, streams, waterfalls, creeks rivers are not seascapes unless they flow into a sea or ocean.
  • Monochrome -- in other words, the stuff mentioned in the first section of this newsletter...
  • Insects & Wildlife -- this used to be called nature
  • People (Studio Indoor) -- studio indoor portrait model
  • People (Studio Outdoor) -- studio outdoor portrait model
  • People (Other) -- street photography, action, sports
  • Other -- composites, still-life, photo-manipulations, abstracts, astrophotography, macrophotography, and anything else that doesn't fit in the other 7 categories listed above.



"Like" by Jeff Booher; Heisenberg treatment in Prisma

The Darkroomers Facebook Page has surpassed 200 likes! If you have yet to like us on Facebook, then you should, because we share information, post events and share videos of club activities. Facebook is where we share tips and articles on photography--stuff you really should read.


Hail to the chief

November is when we call for nominations for officers so October is a good time to get to know your clubmates and start thinking about who you would like to lead the club into the 21st century--or lead us into 2018 anyway. The call for nominations will be on Wednesday, November 30th, 2016. This is a 5th Wednesday meeting. It is also a quarterly competition night. Our current club officers are:

  • President: Terri Thompson
  • Vice-President: Jeffry Booher
  • Treasurer: Drema Swader
  • Secretary: Nancy Varga
  • Program Chair: Jeffry Booher
  • Newsletter Editor: Jeffry Booher
  • Webmaster: Jeffry Booher
  • Recruitment Chair: Antonio Croft
  • Meeting Room Display Chair: Michael Fairbanks
  • Interclub Competition Chair: Drema Swader

If you are interested in one of these jobs then get a fellow club member to nominate you.

you're my boy, blue

"Big Blue" by Michael Fairbanks

We need someone to take over as Display Chair next year. This is Michael Fairbanks' last year as Display Chair as he will be retiring to Buffalo, New York in 2017--who wouldn't want to retire to Buffalo?

The club needs someone for Michael to mentor and be ready to take over when he leaves next fall so, if this is something you would like to do, then let Terri, Michael or Jeff know and you will get an automatic bid for the nomination.



SCACC met in September and ratified the proposed changes to its bylaws which have culminated from over 3 years of cultivation. Checkout the updated bylaws on the SCACC website. One of the biggest additions to the SCACC bylaws is--SCACC is now a 504(c)(3), 509(a)(1) Film and Education Non-Profit which makes your monetary or equipment donations fully tax deductible. Anything you donate to SCACC (your membership dues are not tax deductible) will be helping the future of amateur photography in San Diego. See your tax professional for details.


SCACC is updating the technology in the room! The shelf and printer stand have been replaced with a lovely new black bookcase. The computer has also been updated from a donation by Alan Haynes and Michele McCain. Gallery lighting upgrades are in the planning phases and will soon be updated to energy efficient LED lighting. SCACC is also replacing that musty old sandwich board with a new modern UV resilient sign.

Nothing ruins a weekend like the smell of a musty old sandwich board



"Red Dress Girl" by Dave Poplawski

Fallbrook Camera Club submitted makeup images for June and July so the competition took an additional ten minutes to complete but the final results put Darkroomers in last place for June. We also came in dead last for the August and September competitions so, with only two competition months remaining, it is doubtful that we will do better than a third place final but we could actually come in last place for the first time in about ten years.



point Standings


  1. Poly Photo: 1863 Points
  2. Photonaturalists: 1817 Points
  3. Darkroomers: 1794 Points
  4. Fallbrook: 1750 Points




Checkout the new at-a-glance video for a quick overview what's coming up next month and come back and bookmark our programs calendar so you can easily get to the our upcoming programs at a glance on your mobile device or desktop.




Larry Stein

Our Judge for October is Larry Stein. Larry grew up in Los Angeles and his interest in photography began in college when he took a part-time job working for a small newspaper developing film and creating prints for publication. Today he works primarily in large format, 4x5 film, as well as digital. Oh and he has a handmade pinhole camera that he likes to use too!

the search is as much fun as making the print

Larry loves the search for images and getting up before dawn or shooting until after sunset. Being outdoors and experiencing the moment is what Larry lives for.



Cabrillo Festival

Journey back to September 28, 1542 when Cabrillo, a Portuguese navigator sailing under the flag of Spain, landed at San Diego. Stepping ashore on Ballast Point, he was the first European to land on the west coast of what is now the United States of America.

The Cabrillo Festival is a fun event for the entire family, with educational activities, cultural demonstrations and exciting folkloric performances. Brightly colored clothing and dramatic music and dancing bring to life the traditions of the Native American, Mexican, Portuguese and Spanish cultures that are part of the Age of Exploration. The Cabrillo Festival features food booths with delicious traditional Mexican, Native American, Portuguese and Spanish food. Vendors will showcase their various artistic goods.

The highlight of the Cabrillo Festival is the re-enactment of Cabrillo's landing on the shores of San Diego Bay. Cabrillo, his soldiers and a priest sail into the bay on San Salvador The Californian, and once again claim the land for Spain.

Ballast Point, Naval Base Point Loma; 11am-4pm, Saturday October 1st. Free Admission. Re-enactment of Cabrillo’s landing on Ballast Point begins at 1:00pm.



"Aye, Robot" by Jeff Booher

fair game

Maker Faire San Diego is a hands-on visual feast of invention and creativity and a celebration of the Maker movement. Balboa Park is host to this celebration of technology, arts, crafts, science, and the DIY mindset. It is for innovative people who love to create and also for the curious minds who want to see what new, innovative things are just around the corner.

Maker Faire San Diego is a partnership between the Balboa Park Cultural Partnership (BPCP) and the San Diego Makers Guild. Over 250 local and regional makers display their creations at Balboa Park - mostly inside participating museums. This multi-museum event showcases innovation in San Diego.

Makers are a breed of people who see the possible and then make it happen. It's good for self esteem, it's good for education, and it's good for economic development. Our goal is to bring as many San Diego makers together to celebrate the multifaceted fields of making.

October 1st & 2nd; 10am-6pm. Balboa Park.



Gift horse

The Del Mar International Horse Show takes place at one of Southern California's finest horse show venues, the Del Mar Fairgrounds. Known for its incredible atmosphere and exciting competition, the Del Mar International Horse Show encompasses multiple weeks of world-class show jumping, which attracts an elite field of internationally recognized horses and riders.

  • Welcome Week: October 12-16
  • World Cup Week: October 19-23
  • Season Finale: October 27-30


extra medium

2016 welcomes the 5th annual Medium Festival of Photography, a 4-day photography event with an engaging line up of portfolio reviews and artist lectures. The Festival will take place October 20-23 at the Lafayette Hotel, located in the heart of San Diego’s North Park neighborhood.

Registration is open through October 9 but tickets will be available at the door beginning Friday, October 21.


Animals Among Us: 11th Annual Youth Exhibition

Inspired by the San Diego Zoo's 100th anniversary, MOPA's 11th Annual Youth Exhibition will focus on the theme of animals. MOPA encouraged K-12 students in San Diego County and Tijuana to creatively explore the topic of animals and submit photographic or video art for a chance to be part of the exhibition.

We had a record 473 exceptional submissions with 105 selected to be in the exhibition

Museum of Photographic Arts; Opens October 8th and runs through February of 2017


Boundless: A California Invitational

Donna J. Wan, Dumbarton Bridge (#2), from the series Death Wooed Us, 2014. Courtesy of Rick Wester Fine Art. © Donna J. Wan

The Triennial Invitational began in 2010 as State of Mind and was followed in 2013 by Staking Claim. These exhibitions showcase the talent and diverse scope of artwork by photographers living within the museum’s home state.

The exhibition features 11 California artists with work created in the past five years. The artists are both established and emerging, and the variety of work is as varied as the state of California itself. Boundless embraces the spirit of the infinite, of having no restrains. The work explores and confronts the subjects and traditions of the past, re-imagining the medium in our time. The result is a dynamic exhibition that highlights the constant evolution of the art form.

Photographers in Boundless: A California Invitational: Matthew Brandt, John Chiara, Kevin Cooley, Eileen Cowin, Jason Engelund, CJ Heyliger, Mona Kuhn, Michael Light, David Maisel, Carly Steward and Donna J. Wan

Museum of Photographic Arts; Opens October 15th and runs through January 29th, 2017


Extensions of Photography

UCSD Department of Visual Arts presents: Extensions of Photography, a Visual Arts Faculty, Emeritus Faculty, and Alumni Exhibition. The exhibit will highlight artistic practices by former and current UC San Diego-affiliated artists and alumni who redefined the photographic medium and contributed significantly to the cultural life of San Diego and the United States. The exhibition spotlights how these artists have employed photography in complex and layered ways to introduce themes of everyday life and reveal the pressing histories of gender, class, racism, and political resistance, while also experimenting with the medium.

Extensions of Photography runs October 7 through December 9, with an opening reception on Friday, October 7, 5:30 - 8:00 pm, at the University Art Gallery.



With Abandon

Marisa Scheinfeld, Coffee Shop, Grossinger’s Catskill Resort and Hotel, Liberty, NY

With Abandon: Works by SDSU Alumni 2011 – 2016 shares five years of work from the SDSU School of Art + Design alumni. Each artist in the exhibition pays homage to their mentor and a program that celebrates craftsmanship and the hand-made, while creating work in their own individual voice. Surveying approaches from multiple areas of study, the pieces show a common interest in decay, using every-day materials or subject matter as a conduit for contemplation and investigation. Artists include Adam John Manley, Lee Lavy, Kaiya Rainbolt, and Marisa Scheinfeld, among others. Guest-curated by Ginger Shulick Porcella, Executive Director, San Diego Art Institute.

With Abandon is organized by the SDSU Downtown Gallery, in collaboration with guest-curator, Ginger Shulick Porcella, Executive Director of the San Diego Art Institute. Support for the exhibition and events are sponsored by the San Diego State University Art Council, the School of Art + Design, the College of Professional Studies and Fine Arts, the fund for Instructionally Related Activities, and Arts Alive SDSU.

The exhibit runs through November 6th; Exhibitions and events at the SDSU Downtown Gallery are Free and open to the public however, you will need to pay for parking.



dos dia de meurtos

"Risen" by Jeff Booher

Dia de los Muertos comes twice this year. The celebration in Old Town on October 29th and the festival at Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside on October 30th.

A special celebration of Dia de los Muertos, a tradition celebrated throughout Mexico and Southwest states honoring and remembering the departed. Join more than 40,000 visitors in celebrating a Mexican Fiesta filled with beautiful music, traditional satirical dancing, cultural eateries, Por Siempre Car Club, Las Ofrendas, chalk cemetery, arts and crafts for kids, a Day of Dead retail Mercado and more. This one of kind festival exuberates a cultural experience with over a dozen activities for the whole family.

The event will be held at Old Mission San Luis Re de Francia, the largest of all California missions also known as the King of the Missions. The mission is home to Franciscan Friars and has the oldest operating cemetery in North County, San Diego founded in 1798. With over a hundred years of cultural significance, Old Mission San Luis Re de Francia emanates a historical ambiance as visitors walk amongst the mission. Get there early to get onsite parking.

October 30th; 10am - 4pm; Mission San Luis Rey, Oceanside



The libraries of Balboa Park museums, including MOPA, are hosting a book sale. This is a great opportunity to support your local museum libraries and pick up books, magazines and DVDs at a great price. Credit cards accepted.

Saturday, October 8; 10a-3p. Near the 4 way stop in front of Hall of Champions.




Photos used in this newsletter from Shannon Brady, Rich Strobel, Janice Roudebush, Josi Ross, Diane Patterson, Michael Marcus, Jeff Booher, Dave Poplawski, Les Anderson, Dick Hausam, Rick Phillips and Michael Fairbanks are used with permission and may be subject to copy restrictions from the copyright holder. All rights reserved.

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