~Amendment 1 ~Leslie Aguilar

Description on Amendment 1:

Amendment 1 is bascilly about how we have the freedom of speech, press, petition, assembley, and religion. Without this amendment we would probably be able to do anything. This amendment we see use or even do on a regularly bases without amendment 1 our lifestyle would be changed.

Real World Examples

For an example if we didn't have freedom of speech how would we be able to stand up for our selves. Also how would we be able yo stand up againtist what we don't believe without petition we would not be able to do so. A case that I learned from my mom that works at the court is that this guy had molested this kid but they made a assembly outside all of the kids family and they held posters outside of how he was a monster and he should go to jail for life the people outside still stood up for what they thought was wrong and he should get life.

With freedom of religion different people would be able to practice their religion they believe in.

Freedom of assembly people get to go out side and basiclly protest against something they believe in.

Freedom of press people are able to write stories to make news or inform people about any danger.

The freedom of petition different people are able to make different surveys to improve on.

With the freedom of speech we are able to talk out loud to stand up for what we think of.

Without this amendment what would we be able to do!

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