My Carving By Amabel S.

First I did research on the kind of design I wanted to carve and found a shape of the treble clef.

Instead of drawing or tracing my treble clef, I opened photo shop and used the custom shape tool to get a treble clef shape. I decied that I didn't only want a treble clef, but I wanted a bass clef too. So I used the custom shape tool agian to make a bass clef shape.

Next, I went to the website easel inventables and inserted my photo shop image into the carving section. I like the shape of the stars the website had and I used them to surround the shapes. Since the carving machine couldn't carve on some edges I had to remove some stars.

I picked a black and white tile, and my teacher started the machine to start carving my design.

Unfortunately, while looking back on the time lapse video my teacher took, we could see that the bit we used to carve broke on one of the black pieces that held the tile in place.

Since the bit broke the machine wasn't able to carve the last star and instead left a little indent. We decided to have all the stars in the carving we needed to create a new carving that would include the rest of the stars.

In easel inventables I made another carving design that would place the stars on my previous tile when the tile is moved side ways.

I made sure to not get any part of the machine on the part of the tile I was carving on so that the remaining stars could carve.

My ending project looked like this and it turned out very good according to my ideas on how I wanted it to look.

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