The country Canada By:jocelyn mocca

Location:It is in the Northern and Western hemisphere,It and the USA are the only country's that are on North America. The USA,Arctic ocean,Pacific ocean,Labrador sea,Baring sea,and Beaufort sea border Canada

Physical feature:The Canadian Shield

Around half of the Canada is the Canadian Shield,it is made up of some of the oldest rocks in the world.It was dry land when ocean rolled over the Rocky & Appalachian Mountains.It was uplifted to form a plateau,eroded by rivers,and finally scraped by glaciers almost making it level.It has some of the most beautiful river scenery in the world.The entire plateau is covered in tons of twisting waterways and lakes.Someone can cross it in almost any direction on a canoe.Canada is in the Arctic zone and the Temperate zone its in the Arctic zone cause a part of it is in the Arctic circle


Toronto, Ontario

Canada, population density 35.5 million people so average,10.1 people per mile squares average,growth rate 0.92%average, City ranks Toronto Ontario,Montreal Quebec,Calgary Alberta, Ottawa Ontario,Edmonton Alberta.It is an urban and rural area cause it's 50/50 in both areas.More people are migrating into Canada cause the number I got is 5.66 which is a positive number


Canada is developed cause it has 43,100 GPD per capita,81.67 life expectancy, and 99% literacy rate all of those are in the developed range.You need at least a 99% literacy rate for a developed range,a 80.00 life expectancy for a developed range,and a 30,000 GPD per capita I have all of that and above so Canada is a developed country.


The top main languages in my country are Canadian,English,French,Scottish,and Irish.The main religions are Catholic and Protestant.The two top sports in Canada are Golf which is 78% of the populations favorite sport, then Ice Hockey is 1.3 million peoples favorite sport.

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