A Memorial Day guide: how to celebrate in style Amanda Kaplowitz '19 and Bailey Blaikie '19

Summer is fast approaching and Memorial Day is a holiday that not only signifies being able to wear white jeans and play outside, but for many, it represents the start of summer. To kick off Memorial Day and liven up a party or barbecue, it is essential to have eye catching decorations and mouth watering treats.

One food that is sure to impress guests is a berry trifle cake. This layered cake includes whipped cream topping, paired with angel food cake, blueberries and strawberries.

Another way to incorporate berries, but take a healthier approach, is by making watermelon and blueberry skewers. The red and blue fruits, which are perfect for the holiday color scheme, pair very nicely together and make for a delicious and juicy snack.

First, place the blueberries onto the skewer in a line. Then, to add to the festive theme, cut the watermelon in the shape of stars before sliding it onto the skewer. The end product appears fun and celebratory while also being tasty.

To wash down all of the food, an easy and refreshing drink to make is, “red, white and blueberries.” Start with ice in the bottom of the glass and then pour in blueberry syrup. Next, mix it with lemonade to get the vibrant red color. Top it off with fresh blueberries to have the layering effect of the red, white and blue colors.

Once the refreshments are out of the way, it is important to have a lively and entertaining party space!

A craft that is sure to show the Memorial Day spirit is patriotic mason jars. Use three different mason jars and paint one with blue paint and a white star and the other two with red and white stripes. They can serve as vases by putting white flowers in them, which is perfect for any Memorial Day celebration.

One last way to prepare for Memorial Day is by making balloons with red, white and blue star shaped confetti inside. Use a funnel to put the confetti inside of a clear balloon. After blowing up the balloon, the confetti will be seen and you will have a great decoration.

Memorial Day is a time for celebration and with these treats and crafts you can definitely celebrate in style.

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