Ecstasy (3,4- Methlendioxphenethylamine) Alexis and Avery

What is Ecstasy?

Ecstasy is a stimulant drug that increases one's dopamine, norphinephrine, serotonin. This causes someone to feel ecstatic and temporarily euphoric. It originated in Germany, but most ingredients are now found in China. Also, it was commonly used to treat PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder).

What Does it Look Like? How is it Taken?

Ecstasy comes in the form of a pill or liquid. The pills are usually colourful and seem appealing to younger people as they are made to seem safe. The capsules can either be swallowed or crushed to be snorted. The liquid form can in fact be swallowed or injected.


Some effects of Ecstasy include nausea/vomiting, muscle cramping, and abnormal or irregular body temperature. They last 3-6 hours. If frequently used, long term side effects may occur such as irritability, depression, anxiety, irregular body temperature, decreased appetite and decreased sex interest.


  • In the past year, 1% of Grade 8's have taken ecstasy (in the US)
  • Some pills don't even contain ecstasy, but rather with soaps, cornstarch, and detergents
  • Ecstasy can be prescribed; especially for PTSD
  • Overdose effects can comprise of heart failure, and kidney failure, and even death!
  • Some street names for ecstasy include MDMA, Molly, Pingers, E., Eccy.

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