Life in the Thirties By wyatt west

City life in the 1930's

Many workers left jobless

In Dubuque 2,200 people lost their jobs between 1927 and 1934

Welfare recipients rose

Many people starved

The government created programs like WPA or the CCC


The prices of crops dropped so much farmers went bankrupt and some even lost their farms

Agriculture Adjustment act, the Farm strike and the irony of City of farm life

Family life

Birth and divorce rares decline

Men left families in search for work

More than 200,000 children were abandoned due to the breakup of families

Lives for minority's

Minority's unemployment rate was 50% more than a white man and they were normally first to lose their jobs at a business or farm

Roosevelt ended racial discrimination in some federal programs making the majority of blacks vote for Roosevelt

Leisure time

Stamp collecting, Board games, Radio programs and books were the most popular

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