The Dark Side of Nepal By: yana, julie, LeJand, bridgette, syniah

Table of Contents


Healthcare in Nepal...Yana Bender...Documentary

Domestic Violence in Nepal...Bridgette Bartram...Documentery

Living conditions In Nepal...Juliana Rivera...poem

Lack of Food in Nepal...Lejand Goff...a drawing


Imagine going through hard times with your family, and they end up selling you to be a part of children trafficking--being raped every night. Well, this is what most children (mostly girls) have to go through in Nepal. Young children leaving their home to go sell their bodies to random men against their will. Imagine all the tragedy you would be going through and all the dark nights you would have to spend with dirty men you don't even know. Our topic of human trafficking is shown throughout our novel, Sold, which tells the story of the main character, Lakshmi and her journey while being trafficked. Unfortunately, this is not just fiction because 7,000 women and girls are trafficked every year in Nepal. Women and girls work in restaurants, dance in bars, work in massage parlors; however, their work in these places is not glamorous. They are expected to be available for whatever the customer wants. The women are usually from poor families who are promised better lives, but in reality, they are gang-raped, beaten, caged, and tortured. Condemned to a life of slavery, diseases and tears.

The purpose of the novel is to show the dark side of human trafficking and the struggles each person goes through. The magazine contains two short documentaries about domestic violence and the health care in Nepal. It also features several art pieces, one about human trafficking and another about the housing in Nepal.

Our Home

Juliana Rivera

Nepal isn't the place to be,

A place where you'll never be free,

We work hard and try to do nothing wrong,

The homes here aren't always that strong,

They seem to fall apart with one little blow,

We are forced to work in strange places we don't know,

We depend on farming,

When it's raining its alarming,

Pitter patter rain drops,

We say goodbye to all our crops,

Our crops get washed away,

Everyone's always afraid,

No money for a tin roof,

It's the sad truth,

The babies are crying,

Then eventually dying,

There's nothing to eat,

How I wish for something sweet,

The air is never clean,

We are surrounded by toxic steams,

We eat rice 3 times a day,

That's how it will always stay,

A hot cup of water with every meal,

Someone come help, the struggle is real,

A place where everyone is always stressed,

Little children are depressed,

Finding food is always a quest,

There's a lack of education,

it's what's causing us starvation,

We need help as a nation,

Earthquakes destroy our homes,

Leaves us left with bare sticks, dirt and stones,

There's nowhere else to go,

We feel like a boat without a row,

We all feel soo alone,

Family is what keeps us together,

Like a big fuzzy knitted sweater,

We try to be thankful for the few we have,

And always try to have a good laugh,

But there's People dying of hunger left and right,

I close my eyes to get rid of the sight,

And I pray to God with all my might,

We want to be saved from this terrible place,

Go far far away without leaving a trace,

We wait and wait,

We wait for our fate,

That very special date,

When we will finally be free,

We will finally leave,

All this comes to show Nepal isn't the place to be.

Healthcare in Nepal

Yana Bender

Lack of Food in Nepal

Lejand Goff

Domestic Violence in Nepal

Bridgette Bartram


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