Racism at Lowell By Amy Sullivan, Saw Nwe, and Anita Liu

Data from a random survey of 217 students from 12 different registries conducted by The Lowell in March 2021 (Voluntary response bias may have influenced survey responses due to distance learning)

Our survey respondents included 153 students identifying as Asian American, 6 as Black or African American, 26 as Latinx, and 56 as white. This data is self-reported.

How often do you hear microaggressions from students, teachers, and/or administrators at Lowell?

Are Black and Latinx students at a disadvantage in comparison to white and Asian students at Lowell?

Is Lowell a welcoming and inclusive environment for Black and Latinx students?

Out of the following groups, who needs to take the most action to change the behavior surrounding racism at Lowell?

Responses from students on...


  • Have more conversations about racism
  • Call out racist actions, hold the people who did it accountable, and correct them
  • Reflect on our own opinions and actions
  • Educate ourselves about topics of racism and why it is a worldwide issue and concern
  • Stand up for others that are being picked on due to their race


  • Include racism in their curriculum
  • Make their classes a safe space
  • Correct students when they hear students saying racist statements in the classroom
  • Comment when racist events or content comes up in course material
  • Educate themselves on how to be antiracist and take criticism if someone feels hurt or disturbed by something they said


  • Take proper punishment and action necessary against those who commit racist and discriminatory acts
  • Hire staff committed to anti-racism
  • Take student complaints more seriously
  • Offer appropriate support to those affected by racism
  • Make it clear that racism will not be tolerated at Lowell

Will the resignation of administrators help lessen racial inequality at Lowell?

Will changing Lowell’s admissions policy to a lottery system reduce racism?

Compared to San Francisco, do you think Lowell has more or less of a problem with racial inequality?