Robin Hood

Robin Hood believed in doing good, no matter the cost to those who wanted to do bad. That was one of the reasons he became a pirate, or privateer, as he preferred to call it.He stole his first ship when he was 15, named it the Merrimen, and threw together a crew that was loyal to him ever since. His best friend since youth, Little John, was his first mate and adviser, but didn't always provide the best advice. They were the most famous crew on the seas. They made their living stealing from the king's patrol ships, namely from Richard, the king's personal favorite. Everything they took they distributed equally between the crew and to the needy lower class on the shores of the kingdom.

Richard had a long-lasting feud with Robin that had gone on for years. All of his attempts to rid the sea of the Merrimen and her crew had ended with either his personal ship or an entire fleet of the kings ships at the bottom of the ocean. Robin was one of the most wanted criminals in the kingdom.

For the latest attempt of capturing Robin Hood the king had Richard kidnap Maid Marian, Robin's childhood friend. The king planned to marry her, partially in spite of Robin. Richard took her aboard his ship after causing a big scene of her kidnapping. The news spread to the Merriman in a matter of days.

Marian was kept on the king's biggest ship in the middle of a fleet of warships, guarded by the kings best army men. One by one the Merriman cut off each smaller ship and destroyed it, filling the vaults in their ship with the supplies and valuables of the fallen boats. When the final ship on guard was down the crew flooded onto the kings ship and ransacked it, saving Marian.

Robin, with the spoils from the ship and Marian by his side, decided to spare Richard for hope of another entertaining battle to fill his empty days. He tied Richard to the top of the mast of the warship and set it on a course to crash into the docking bay of the kingdom. All the wealth collected was handed out to the needy and innocent, and each of the crew members got their fair share. The king was furious, and Richard humiliated. They each vowed revenge on Robin, like they had so many times before. This was not a very heavy weight on Robin's conscious, and he was married to Maid Marian the following week. The two remained happy and in love for a long time after, pillaging and sailing till the end of their days.

The end.

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