Eating Through COVID-19: Week Three By Jamison Davis

So, sad news (if you haven't already heard by now). Mike DeWine's "stay at home" order has been extended to April 30 :( I'm usually okay with not having school, but I miss seeing people! Anyway, we're going to attempt to keep sane during this time: stay calm and stay at home (and eat good food while you're at it).

Monday, March 30: Today was definitely a day of trying new things, food-wise. I finally tried a new smoothie flavor: Tropical Smoothie Cafe's Paradise Point smoothie, made with strawberries, bananas and pineapples. Honestly, it was pretty good, but I don't think I'm a big fan of the strawberry-banana combo, so I think I'll stick with my normal Sunshine. Second new thing I tried: DoorDash! Okay, so my brother and I won it in a raffle in our church youth group, so we technically didn't order it, but still! What did we get? ...Pizza Hut. I know, we're pretty simple. It wasn't a bad experience though; I would do it again by myself if I had the chance.

Tuesday, March 31: I think Tuesdays are my favorite day: they're just really chill and we don't do much. Most of my day was spent making dinner for tonight: cheeseburger soup. Okay, okay, before you click off, let me explain. It's really just a thicker potato soup made with ground beef and melted Velveeta. Not too bad, right? My family loves this stuff, so we made a large Crock-Pot of it.

A literal pot of gold...

We usually top ours with oyster crackers, but you could just eat it like it is and be fine. It's been pretty cold so far this week, so this is the perfect meal to kind of "warm the whole body up", in a sense.

Wednesday, April 1: So...I had yet another smoothie, making this the third time this week I think. Is this an April Fool's joke? Definitely not. Will I have at least two more by the time this is posted? Most likely, don't judge me please. Anyway, I got to cook again with my mom today, so we made lasagna! Lasagna is one of my favorite meals to cook, so I was really excited. But of course, you can't have Italian food without garlic bread! I didn't get to follow the new trend and make my own bread, so I bought some pre-made, so I could just make it in the oven.

So artistic

I really believe that cooking is a stress reliever. With all the craziness going on right now, it's been nice to just be able to cook with my family and sit down to eat together. We may not be able to meet up with friends, but it's nice to hang out with the people you're already quarantined with.

Thursday, April 2: Today wasn't too significant when it comes to cooking something or the activities of the day. Our softball coach is determined to have us continue to work on our skills, even though we're on break, so I made my brother go for a run with me around the neighborhood. It's been starting to warm up and there's sunny skies, so I guess there's no reason not to be outside.

Friday, April 3: Pizza night! We decided to spoil ourselves this week and get Pizza House. Pizza House has been a part of our Friday night rotation for a while, but it's semi-far from my house, so we don't get it as much. It's quality pizza though; their "Old World Pepperoni" is a little spicier than regular pepperoni, but I guess if you like that, go for it. I would try to put you on to their toasted ravioli and mozzarella sticks, but they're only serving certain appetizers through carry-out, and they didn't make the list (sad face). Either way, they're worth checking out at 747 E Lincoln Ave!

Overall, this week has been a lot more laid back than the other weeks, but hopefully if we all take the necessary precautions to stay safe and slow the spread of the virus, we can come back sooner than later :) Happy Eating and stay safe Kilbourne!


Created with an image by Brooke Lark - "A warm and cozy kitchen is the perfect antidote for autumn."