The Good Life Exhibit at the Harn Museum of Art By: alexandra Moore

Source: Mexican, Man Riding a Bull with Two Dogs, Date unknown, Ceramic, Gift of Mr. and Mrs. Thomas J. Needham. 1987.1.197
I chose this medium of art because I loved the whimsical style and vibrant color scheme the artist employed. It made the piece really eye catching. After taking Spanish all throughout high school and middle school I have learned about many Spanish cultural traditions and history. These sculptures specifically reminded me of El Dia de los muertos and Bull fighting traditions. The vibrants colors reflect the Day of the Dead holiday as it is a massive colorful celebration of their dead while the bull sculpture reminds me of the traditional Bull Fighting in Spain. The medium itself was a great add on to the images as it made them come to life in three dimensional space.
Visually this was my favorite wing. The color of the wood floor, the architecture itself with the many windows helped create a really natural and organic vibe which I loved. The minimalism of the space really helped set the stage for the greenery outside to steal the focus.Even the specific use of wood as a material in the room really aided the flow from the indoors to the outdoors. However I did not get a picture of myself inside the Wing so I included another.
While the previous photo was my favorite wing for aesthetic purposes, I loved this wing for the art it contained and the way the curators laid out the glass materials. However, I think they would look even more appealing in natural lighting so when the sun could hit he colored glass. (Highlights from the Modern Collection).
Do Women Have to be Naked to Get Into the Met Museum? Update. 2012. Print. 2015.47.87
This spoke to my core values because I believe in the equality of all human beings on all spectrums, not just gender equality. This statistic was surprising to me and really made me think about how women are objectified in everyday life that we may not even notice, such as the ratio of female to male artists featured in a museum. Inequality has always been a part of our society whether it be race, gender, religion, etc. and it is shocking to see not only that it is still going on but that it prevails in such a progressive and accepting form; art.
Hayley Lever. American, born Australia, 1876-1958. Sailboats near Houses, Nantucket. Date unknown. Oil on panel. Gift from the Carol and Stephen Shey Collection. 2005.46.3
This painting spoke to me of the good life because of it's New England inspiration and summertime vibe. Every summer I spend three weeks in Maine and Massachusetts so this image, for me personally, depicted "The Good Life" as I would describe it. As I grow older I aspire to own a summer house in New England because of the joy I feel spending my time there growing up. The sailboats and the vibrant colors used for the port can be seen in any marina across New England leading viewers to be able to easily associate it to one from their memory as I was able to do. So now, when I see images of a summer in Mass, I inevitably thing of a Good life.

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