The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt A'sja Baker

The Spatial Experience

My experience of the physical setting of the theatre was relief. As I entered the building, it felt very empty. The entrance into the Constant Theatre is less furnished until you walk into the actual door of the theatre. When entering into the auditorium, I felt compacted and at peace. My seat location affected my experience by allowing me to see the entire stage but also connecting with the each character in the play. The size of the auditorium contributed to my experience by allowing me to be comfortable and being able to enjoy the act. The role of place in the Good Life is a division of power in lives, horrors of censorship, lies and secrets, the destruction of innocence, and the oppression of the Church.T he role of place in the Good Life is seeking the Good Life. This is because one of the characters thought the only way to help his family was to get involved in the religious field. It promote good or bad experiences

Artwork in the lobby of the Constan Theatre

The Social Experience

My experience of attending the performance with both friends and strangers were clashed. I attended the play with a close friend of mine who is also enrolled in IUF. In order to get ready for the play, I made sure I looked over the criteria for this assignment so I know what to specifically grasp from this play. Furthermore, I searched the play on the internet to get a brief overview of the play. Attending with my friend enhanced my experience allowed me to ask questions about a certain scene that I was slightly confused about. The role of shared experiences in Good Life is the have memories and have fun.

Artwork in the lobby of the Constan Theatre

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience

The performance helps my develop a new way of seeing and understanding our own culture. This is by remembering, "the woman who dares to say everything that should be left unsaid." The central issue addressed in the performance is the opposition of social classes with conflicting ideas about life, religion, and art. Prior to "The Divine," I was aware that this play was set in Quebec and was set in the nineteenth century. Before reading the overview of the play, I was not aware of anything in regards to "The Divine." The subject matter have a relationship to something happening in my own life by in a sense that all the decisions I make not only affect myself but everyone around me. When I decide to act I must consider all the consequences.

Artwork in the lobby of the Constan Theatre

The Emotional Experience

The Divine: A Play for Sarah Bernhardt provides us an opportunity for Katharsis. This is by allowing us to visualize how the experience of each individual character. Each character had a different reason for motivation and reaction.

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