WWI TIMELINE Olivia Evaes and Carsyn Leigh Barbary

German U-boat sinks the Lusitania -May 1915
Zimmerman Telegram is Intercepted -February 1915
U.S. declares war on Germany -April 1917
Bolsheviks take over provisional government of Russia -November 1917
Russia and Germany sign the Treaty of Brest-Litovsk -March 1918
Second Battle of the Marne begins -July 1918
Armistice Is signed, ending the war -November 1918
Lenin renames Russia to U.S.S.R -1918
Treaty of Versailles is signed -June 1919
Mussolini is out in power by fascists in Italy -October 1922
Hitler is released from prison -1924
U.S. Stock Market crashes -October 1929
Hitler is named chancellor in Germany -January 1933
Fanklin Roosevelt implements the New Deal -March 1933
Nazi mobs attack Jews (Kristallnacht) -November 1938

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