air pollution you better save the earth

Some people think that we would have to pollute and litter anyways. in reality, however, Air Pollution is the most dangerous and quickest way of destroying our ozone layer if this does not stop our ozone layer will be gone and we will be receiving UV or ultraviolet radiation from the sun which can cause skin cancer. If nothing is done air pollution is guaranteed to lead to a potential global disasters in the future.

Ozone layer

Our ozone layer is a layer in our stratosphere ,6.2 miles high it contains high amounts of ozone which is a chemical that absorbs most of the ultraviolet radiation that comes from the sun. Ultraviolet radiation is a dangerous thing. Ultraviolet radiation if it hits you it can make you get skin cancer and many other skin diseases so the ozone layer is a very important thing in our earth.

as you can see their is already a hole there because of pollution.

What causes it

Pollution is both caused by human actions and environment actions some human actions may be Burning fossil fuels and Household and Farming Chemicals can also cause pollution however natural actions like volcanic eruptions can also cause pollution. Each car on the road is adding pollutants to the earth wich means that each car on the road is making pollution worse.

The future's not bright

You realize that when people think of the future they think of flying people,robots,flying cars,iPhone 10000 but let me tell you that that is not going to happen if this problem continues. By 2050, 6 million people could die per year due to air pollution. This is a real prediction that scientist predict will happen if we don't help to fix this major problem. right now It is estimated that 750,000 people die in china due to air pollution because china has a lot of factories and they burn a lot of fossil fuels.

If you ask me what i see of the future i see our planet being destroyed and people trying to fix the problem but then they realize that it is too late our ozone layer is already melting and it is going to continue if this problem doesn't stop.

that is the only future i see

Effects of air pollution

Air Pollution is very dangerous to animals and to humans. Breathing in air pollution takes away at least 1-2 years of a typical human life. Which means the more you breath in air pollution the less you get to live so what does this tell you, stop making pollution so you can live longer instead you going to breath in a lot of pollution and die early do you want to die early? If not start making a difference now!

Environmental Pollution is like an incurable disease it cannot be cured but it can be prevented.

How can we help

this is a hybrid car that can really help pollution.

There are many different ways to solve air pollution some of the ways are turning of the light when u don't need it,turning of your computer when you don't need it, if you are going somewhere close run or walk their or if you are lazy bike there or if you are going somewhere far use hybrid cars because it saves energy and does not burn fossil fuels. So would you rather die trying or die knowing the it is the earths destiny to die in the future.





"this article is written by someone who cares about the earth more then himself"


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