The Holy Spirit: The church's SPIRITUAL Guide

First Way Holy Spirit Guide and Influences the Church

Christ sent the Holy Spirit to prepare his followers and help them come closer to Christ a promise Christ made to the apostles long ago (Jesus and the Church). The Spirit represent Christ while he is gone and tries to bring his word unto them. It also helps the Church in spreading and bearing witness to the mystery of the Holy Trinity ( The Spirit also assists in the coming together of the followers of Christ in worship. The Spirit helps in blending all of the spirits of the ones he dwells in and helps nourish and heal them (CCC).

Second Way the Holy Spirit Guides and Influences the Church

The Holy Spirit also has a major role in the sacraments. It is always present in the Eucharist when the bread and wine are consecrated (CCC), in baptism as the priest puts the person in the water or baptize a child (the Holy Spirit was also present in Jesus own baptism Luke 3:21-22) , and is a witness in the lifelong contract between a woman and a man in the sacrament of matrimony (Jesus and the Church). The Holy Spirit also guides the leaders of the Churche such as priests in their duties in governing their respective religious communities (

Contemporary Examples

The Holy Spirit always guides missionaries that may go to different areas of the world to preach about the Gospel. He may give the traveling disciple courage to preach in areas that may be highly against it but still desperately need to hear God's word. The Holy Spirit also makes its presence known when it reaches out to an unbeliever. By coming in contact in any form of medium like art or social media, he finds ways to get a new believer. I also see how the Spirit influences priest and pastor in different ways, like how every time my father preached a sermon he would put his own spin to it and it would help convey the message in a more personal matter.

Holy Spirit as continuation of Jesus and his ministry

The Holy Spirit made its official debut on Pentecost and that day can be referred to as the birthday of the Church. Jesus had promised to send a helper or guide for the Apostles after his mission had been completed and said that once the Holy Spirit comes upon them he they would become his witness to the whole earth (Acts 1:8). When the Spirit had come upon the Apostles they began to speak in tongues (Acts 2:4) and people were amazed at the fact that their languages were being spoken. On that day the Holy Trinity had been completely revealed. The coming of the Spirit had shown the Church on full display to many and the practice of preaching had begun (Jesus and the Church).


Although I knew that the Holy Spirit resided within myself and others I had no idea it could have such an impact such as bringing our souls together and making us into one. Because of this I feel the need to start opening up more to the Holy Spirit and confided what I believe needs changing in my life. I now understand that the Spirit wants us to be more involved in our communities especially in areas we believe needs changing or guidance. It is a Spirit of action and ask us to do God's work. Now that we have a better idea about one of the people in the Blessed Trinity we can use it to know more about the other two.

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