High Rise Challenge Clawbot

Unit Overview

Feel the excitement of robotics competition as you apply you skills and knowledge from previous units to build a challenge-ready operator controlled robot capable of completing Teamwork Skills and Robot Skills matches in the VEX IQ Challenge game.


To accumulate the most points in the high rise challenge


Robot must fit into the thirty centimeter cube dimensions box to be eligible to compete.Each team member must record at least one attempt in the challenge.


All robots must start with their back touching the back of the competition field.Blocks must be in scoring zone.Only light colored stacks will be recorded.


  • Any stacked Blocks of same color
  • 1st block = 10 points.
  • 2nd Block stacked= 20points
  • . And goes on going up by ten

1/25/17 Think

Tomorrow we are going to try to build the claw bot maybe add some unique modifications to it later.Then later we are going to do a test drive and see if we are good at driving it and if we might need to make more modifications.


Today we are planning on building the claw and make necessary improvements in the future.Tommorow we are adding modifications to the stability


We have gotten most of the claw done but we are missing the back part of the claw and the front part.We plan on being almost done tommorow

1/27/17 Think:

Today we are continuing to build our claw and add some improvements to stability.We are also adding the back part of the claw and the front part of the claw.


We have almost finished with our claw,and we have to only attac the top part now which we are planning to do at wildcat time.

1/30/17 Think:

Last Friday we almost finished our clawbot,so today we are going to add the last piece and finish the clawbot.We are also testing the clawbot to see if it can drive and do the basic functions after we finish.If it does do the basic functions we will then focus on modifications.


We have finished our clawbot today and tested the basic functions and they were a success.We also gave it a minor modification to its stability so now it won't tip forward while it's carrying a block


Think: Yesterday we have finished our clawbot and tested it.Today we are going to do modifications to our clawbot,specifically our claw grip.We are also going to test it further to see if we have more modification ideas.


We both took turns test driving our clawbot today and practiced with the requirements of the challenge, but sometimes our clawbot got stuck because of our stability improvement and our claw got wobbly so tomorrow we will improve that.

2/1/17 Think

Yesterday we have tested our clawbot but it had some problems.So today we will make modifications to our stability device and the claw itself.And if we are done we will take the opportunity to test.


We did not successfully complete our modifications because we did not find the righ pieces.Also we had some problems with our motor when in end we just had to restart it.

2/2/17 Think

Yesterday was an unproductive day where we only fixed problems that we caused and did not add anything except for a stability upgrade.Today we are going to practice our driver skills and test yesterday's stability modification will also make some more modifications to the claw which we have not come up with in full detail.


We have test run our clawbot again today and gotten a new record of 47 points.We did not do any modifications but we decided that I get 2 attempts in the challenge while walker gets 1

1/3/17 Think

Today we plan on testing our driver skills to warm up for the challenge Monday.Walker also came up with a strategy.The strategy begins with the clawbot pushing as many blocks as he can to the other side,and then we just stack the most we can and see if we can push more blocks.


We have tested positive our clawbot further and decided to leave the bot the way it is now.So Monday we will use our newfounded strategy.

2/6/17 Think Round 1

Today is the competition day.So Walker and I are going to take turns going on our 3 attempts.We have a good strategy to do also.


Today it was my turn and only got 13 points out of my record of 47.So tomorrow Walker will go and if he gets a higher score he will do the last turn on Wednesday.

1/7/17 Think Round 2

It is Walkers turn today,so we will see who gets the higher score this round.Also maybe make a few modifications.


Walker did get the higher score of 15 points,more than me.So tomorrow walker will go again with the strategy he thought of

1/8/17 Think Round 3

Today is the final day of the competition and the final round.Walker will go today but I do not see him yet so i would probably have to go in his place.(Walker came in 5 minutes later)

Do: Competition Results

Victory! We have got first place in the competition with walkers 41 points at the end and we got the total of 69 points.Walkers winning strategy was to stack one block on each of the 3 main blocks and push blocks over then stack other blocks from the opposite end of the field.Our competition was fierce,especially Nate and Matthew,but we won all thanks to Walker.In the end we were good driver skills and our ideas for modifications,but I think we can improve on stacking blocks and we could of worked more on the claw so we could open and close it more without having to adjust it each time we drove it.

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