Black Business Is Our Business By: Guinevere Thomas


Buying black has become a phenomena on the Internet among black consumers for a few years now, and leaders in the black community have been encouraging their audiences to buy black for decades. While many people in the black community are excited to invest in their communities through buying black they don’t know where to start.

Overview & Objectives

Many individuals in the black community would love to have the ability to buy black, but they feel like it is impossible. With this campaign we hope to:

  • Bring advocate for the support of black businesses.
  • Encourage black consumers to invest their money to their communities.
  • Breakdown the misconceptions that buying black is too expensive or inconvenient.

The goal of this campaign is to increase the support for the black businesses in our communities through the help of social media.


The audience for this campaign is the black community in general, however it is specifically targeting black millennials from ages 18 to 32 years old. This is the generation that uses social media as a form of activism in order to help out their communities, therefore they are the ideal target audience.

Campaign Details

This campaign will be going on throughout the whole month of February for Black History Month. For this month we will be encouraging people to buy one item from a black owned business everyday for the 28 days of February. We will have weekly giveaways for the people how participate in the #BlackDollarsMatter challenge. Essence Magazine will be the overall sponsor for this contest with other smaller sponsors for the weekly contests.

  • In order to participate they have to create a thread of Twitter of pictures of their receipts from the black owned businesses that they supported that day. At the end of each week a random person who followed through with the contest will receive a prize.
  • Each week will be sponsored by a specific business and the prize will be from that company. Then at the end for whoever was able to keep up with the pledge for all 28 days of February will win a trip for two to the 2018 Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana.

Along with the #BlackDollarsMatter receipt contest, we will also be showcasing a new black owned business everyday in the #28daysofblackbusiness part of our campaign. Each day we will be putting a spotlight on these businesses to expose the public to the Black Excellence of these companies. With this campaign we hope to get more exposure for the obscure black owned companies that need more love from the community.

Social Media Platforms

On every Wednesday of February, the last day of the contest, the business sponsoring our contest that week will take over our snapchat and post about their business and show us what goes into the day to day operation of their company.
Through Twitter we will be posting articles about how to support black owned business, we will be giving shout-outs t businesses that need love with the #28daysofblackbusiness campaign, and promoting our #BlackDollarsMatters receipt contest.


Sample Tweets

Company Partners

Made In Tee.

Our first week of the #BlackDollarsMatter Receipt Contest, will be sponsored by Made In Tee, this company was founded by Nadia Shash in 2014. 15% of their t-shirt sales goes to help orphaned children get access to educational resources. The prize at the end of the contest will be a customizable Made In t-shirt and sweatshirt.

Cards For All People

Our Second week of the #BlackDollarsMatter Receipt Contest will be sponsored by Cards For All People, this company aims to use their game to bring people of different cultures together through laughter and lively debate. At the of the second week of the contest the winner will be presented with three editions of the Black Card Revoked: Original Flavor, Petty Edition, and Black History Month.

Nubian Skin

For the 3rd week of the #BlackDollarMatter Receipt Contest will be sponsored by Nubian Skin founded by Ade Hassan. This clothing line was founded because women of color's skin tones were excluded from the classic "nude" color. On the 3rd week of the contest we will be giving out a pair of matching bras and underwear, as well as a pair of their classic leather pointed toe pumps.

The Essence Festival

For the 4th and final week of our #BlackDollarsMatter Receipt campaign, for those people who kept up with the pledge for all 28 days, one will person will win 2 tickets to the 2018 Essence Festival in New Orleans, Louisiana. This trip will be an all expenses paid vacation as a thank you to the participant for supporting black owned business for all of February.

Literature Review

There currently aren't any active social media campaigns that are advocating for the support of the black community through their small businesses, however there is a frequently used hashtag that publications and websites like Essence Magazine and, use when talking about the phenomenon. That all encompassing hashtag is #BuyBlack.

While there isn't exactly a social media campaign for the #BuyBlack movement is extremely active in promoting their businesses with their social media outreach through Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. The promotions for their artisans on social media inspired the #28daysofblackbusiness part of the campaign, we saw how they were showcasing their business owners and decided to shift the focus of the tweets to be entirely focused on the business instead of sharing the attention.
With this article Essence catalogued a list of black owned businesses during the Holiday season to encourage the black consumer to shop for gifts at a black businesses. This isn't particularly a social media campaign more than it is an article about black businesses, but because of the lack of coverage on this issue it acts like one. We was inspired by this article when it came to find which small businesses we wanted to feature in the #28daysofblackbusiness, as well as when we wanted to choose which businesses to sponsor each week for the #BlackDollarsMatter Receipt Contest.


  • Double the Twitter Interactions by the end of the campaign (favorites, retweets, replies).
  • Double, if not triple, the amount of followers we have by the end of the campaign.
  • Raise the traffic by 5% on 10 out of the 28 companies websites' we promote through the #28daysofblackbusiness section of the campaign.
  • Raise the sales by 2% of the companies featured in the #BlackDollarsMatter receipt contest during the 28 day period.


Through this campaign the hope is to bring attention to these black owned business in the black community. Therefore as a group we can continue to invest into the future of our communities.


Created By
Guiny Thomas

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