Oil the good and the bad By hans young

In March 1989 the Exxon Valdez hit the Bligh reef and spilled 11 million gallons of crude oil on Alaskan prince William sound this oil spill had a huge effect on the Alaskan wild life killing more than 250,000 sea birds 2,800 sea otters 300 harbor seals up to 22 killer whales and billions of salmon and hearing eggs and fish

These oil spills are rare but devastating the graph below shows what spices recovered some that are still recovering and others my never make it back

These oil spills are rare but devastating the graph above shows what spices recovered some that are still recovering and others my never make it back

Look at these dead or dying animals these are some of the reasons we need to find a safer fuel so the wild life won't die off and so we don't have to breathe in the harmful fumes that it will produced

There are many alternative energy sources that we can use to our advantage like solar,geothermal,wind and nuclear and that's only a few of the many sources of clean energy I will show a few

Nuclear energy is a relatively safe energy source but it is feared for its extremely rare meltdowns there have only been a few major meltdowns in history and only a few deaths caused by them

But an even safer alternative is solar power it has no by product when being turned in to energy but you may argue that it's to expensive to build a mass of solar panels and that oil is a cheaper energy source ya but maby to cheap Right now the oil industry has found a major supply of oil and now that we have to much it sells at a vary low price and that means there spending money drilling for it but not making enough selling so they are loosing money

But with solar we can have a unlimited power source for only a one time payment back in 2015 I learned about a plan to lanch the sps a huge solar power satellites around earth to power the world with an infinite clean power source that will be expensive but we will only have to build it once

The sps is a huge plan to power the earth

Now don't get me wrong oil has its perks it powers earth and we use it for all most everything to make plastic and power cars and make assfalt to build roads but we have only had the use of oil for power sence the 1850's and look at what it's done to the earth we need to find a better fuel or we may not live in the clean world we used to have

Global warming has got to stop its destroying wild life melting the polar ice caps if all the water frozen in the poles melts sea levels will rise that will effect our wether patterns and kill ecosystems that's why I Hans young think that we should no we need to stop using oil and save our world from complete and total unreverable pollution!

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