W/C 06/03/2017

Tuesday 7th -

Today me and Jamie decided on the theme of the 2-D Side-scrolling game which will be a Medieval fantasy type game, Jamie said some ideas such as horror and steampunk and medieval. After looking at a Limbo review online, limbo is said to have great lighting and set in dark areas, which i am sure i would not be able to do yet. I also looked at an article which stated that in a Steampunk game of any type it has to have a retro atmosphere and alot of contraptions which would mean that it would take a lot of sprites to make a good steampunk game. I said we should choose medieval, as steampunk would involve drawing a lot more sprites which for the time limit would probably be too much to ask for. For most steampunk games involve clocks and gears, which would be too hard and, maybe, too difficult for Jamie to do.

We also decided that the game would be set in Acts and Stages, we decided to do this as one of my favourite platformer games to play is Sonic, so i chose Acts and Stages. All games need a dilema or a boss so in our game we have decided to also stick along the lines of Sonic (and many other platformers) and make a boss on the 3rd stage of the first act which is a massive 'ent like' tree boss. Tomorrow when Jamie is in we will probably talk about names of characters and places. I think maybe we should look at names specifically linked to that time period, so we will look at Old English names and Latin names as most English names were derived from Latin names.

Wednesday 8th -

Today me and Jamie decided on the names of some of the places and characters. We looked on sites where we could find names for the Knight, what sounded good and what linked in nicely with the game so we decided on Amadeus (A-Mah-Day-Us), we chose this whilst looking through some old English and Latin names. We could have looked at some other medieval games and look at the names for their protagonist, and see if we could make a name what we could link in to our game and maybe make our own meaning to the name, which may have added to the potential story line.

Screenshot of the website we used to find some names

The name of the continent is completely made up as me and Jamie could not find a name what we liked so i just kept shouting out names and he said that we will have rigalvia, but then he changed it to Rigaldor. It may have turned out better if we could find a name what is more linked to medieval times and maybe has a historical event linked to it.


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