vGIS Reality Capture Guide How to take reality captures in vGIS

vGIS’ reality capture technology uses a variety of technical means to capture a digital 3D model of an object, objects or surface from the real world. Our solution uses photogrammetry to reconstruct a 3D image using georeferenced video frames to create detailed and accurate digital representations in minutes.

In this guide you will find

For App Users

  1. How to take a reality capture from the vGIS mobile app
  2. Best Practices
  3. Pro Tips

For Portal Admins

  1. How to enable reality capture models for viewing

How to take a Reality Capture

Once you have identified the subject you want to capture as a 3D model, use the vGIS Utilities app to record a video of it using the built-in reality capture tool.

To use the feature in the vGIS Utilities app you will need the latest version of the app on your device(s).

Recording a reality capture

1. When in the mobile app, access the "AR view".

2. Tap on "Tools" and tap on "3D Scan".

3. When selected, the feature will start a video recording mode.

4. Once recording starts, walk head-on along the area you want to capture.

Please note: vGIS’ reality capture feature is still in Beta. Issues are expected and will addressed on an ongoing basis.

Best Practices and Tips

  1. Record in landscape mode.
  2. Keep your device at a 45 to 90-degree angle.
  3. Move at a constant walking pace and try to adopt a slight 'S' pattern.
  4. Don’t pivot around a central point.
  5. If you need to capture sideways, don’t pivot; walk sideways instead.
  6. Start filming before the start point and stop recording once you are past the end point.
  7. Only film what is necessary.
  8. Avoid moving objects such as people or machinery.
  9. Capture wide areas by circling it.
  10. Make sure objects are adequately illuminated.
  11. For dark trenches use the "wave" technique.
  12. Avoid reflective and plain evenly-coloured objects.
  13. If reflective objects are unavoidable, cover them with some dirt or put other objects on top of them.

Pro Tips

  1. Identify what you want to capture before you start recording.
  2. Objects that are not within the camera's field of view won't be captured.
  3. Avoid recording the same area/object twice.
  4. When capturing wide trenches film from the side at an angle.

How to enable reality capture models for viewing

To enable reality capture models created with vGIS' Reality Capture functionality, you need to access the vGIS Admin portal. From there, you can locate the reality capture model stored within a data source. You will need to enable it for your team(s) to visualize.

Adding a reality capture to a project

1. Access the "Data Sources" tab from the side menu.

2. Select your reality capture data source. It will be named RealityCapture-unique ID.

3. Open the data source and review individual models generated by vGIS.

4. Select the "ROOT folder" and assign it to a "Layer Group".

5. Expand the "Additional Details" option and assign the "Elevation Type" and "Vertical Datum".

6. You may assign individual models to different "Layer Groups".

7. "Save" changes and "Process the Layer Data".

The reality capture model will appear according to your team/project or company security settings.

Looking for more information?

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