PORTLAND, ME city of food and beer

FIRST TRAVEL GUIDE! My idea with these is really just to give you guys my own personal recommendations from my trips. Ricki and I eat a lot, love trying new breweries and scoping out every coffee shop in town so there will be heavy focus on that. Oh and my favorite insta/photo spots. If that sounds cool to you hopefully you'll enjoy this!


It was pretty awesome that all my Portland connections reached out to me on Instagram and gave me huge lists of places to go eat and drink in the city! Unfortunately we didn't have time to hit them all, but the ones we did hit were great successes.

I'm not really one to take many pics of my food because I always dig right in so excuse the terrible food photos.
  1. EVO Kitchen + Bar; my favorite meal of our trip. Small plates menu with a Mediterranean inspiration. All of the food is local and we licked every plate clean. Some of the dishes we had include duck confit, warm hummus, chickpea fries, squash gnocchi, latkes and a few more. It was amazing, highly recommend it.
  2. Bayside American Cafe; delicious brunch spot. The homemade, thick cut white bread was actually the best part...especially when it was used for my lemon blueberry french toast. So good. We were there early but when we left there was a waitlist going, so maybe getting there early is your best bet.
  3. Duckfat; this place was highly recommended to me a couple times so we couldn't miss it. If you just want some amazing fries and a milkshake, this place will hit the spot. The fries come with like 7 different sauces which is pretty awesome, my fave was the truffle ketchup. 😍 Their special milkshake the night we went was Apple Butter Rosemary which I thought sounded amazing but was too full to try....next time.
  4. Boda; my favorite kind of food...thai! Sadly, by day 4 in Portland, Ricki and I were like permanently full so our last meal at Boda was a bit smaller than normal. We ordered the quail eggs, sticky thai rice balls, pork satay skewers, green papaya salad and beef panaeng. Showed up semi-full, left super full. It was all amazing.


Whenever we travel, Ricki finds the coffee and surf shops, and I find the donut and insta spots. Pretty solid team. 😂 Everyone knows the Holy Donut is where to go in Portland, so we went there the first morning duh. I always get super overwhelmed by choice so we ordered like 7 donuts and got to try a bunch. My overall fave was the Pomegranate donut, followed by Sweet Potato Ginger. Coffee cake was amazing and, if you're into it, Maple Bacon was pretty cool. OH and the coolest part, they make their donuts with potatoes!

maple bacon donut

Right before getting to the Holy Donut, we grabbed coffee at Speckled Ax, which is known for their wood-roasted coffee. I had an awesome iced maple latte, and by the end of the trip, I determined this to be my favorite of the Portland coffee shops.

the loaded biscuit at Tandem
  • TANDEM; had high hopes for this place but sadly wasn't obsessed....but it's okay because it ended up being Ricki's favorite. Understandably so because their Loaded Biscuit is as close as you can get to a British scone with clotted cream and strawberry jam. It was so good. However, my latte wasn't like out of this world and as stupid as it may sound, they didn't have wifi (and I had no service there) so I wasn't able to just chill and do fun insta stuff which is like all I ever want to do in a coffee shop....lol.
  • BARD; we stopped here quickly when we were starting to need a break from beer and food. I didn't need more caffeine so I just had a hot cider and Ricki got a cortado. Speedy wifi and good vibes but the place was packed! So wasn't too easy to find a seat. The location is really nice though, right in the Old Port which was my favorite area.


best part of any vacation right? Especially when you're surrounded by endless breweries like in Portland. Our first stop was

  1. ALLAGASH; you can't go to Portland and not check out Allagash. We signed up for a free tour and got to learn some cool stuff about the brewery and then taste all of the beers they had on tap. It was really awesome. The location is awesome because it's in like a neighborhood of breweries so you can just hop from one to another. After Allagash, we went across the street to
  2. AUSTIN STREET; we got here at like 15 minutes before close so just ordered a quick flight and got to try out their beers. I'm really no beer expert, just like the vibes of different breweries because they're always so chill. We just hung out til they closed then made our way downtown for some more delicious food.
  3. BATTERY STEELE; this place sold out of beer before we could try some but Ricki's genius idea of bringing some Cisco beers to different brewers resulted in us getting a couple Battery Steele beers to bring home with us from their secret stash. 👍🏼
  4. HUNT & ALPINE CLUB; my favorite place!!! This place is so cool. It's a Scandinavian style cocktail bar with some snacks like daily deviled eggs and even bone marrow. The cocktails there were our favorite and if you get there before 6pm they offer a couple of their cocktails for $6 each. Their menus and coasters were super cool and outdoorsy, designed as like topographic maps and leather notebooks. Really liked everything about it.


  1. KENNEBUNKPORT; cute little coastal town full of shops and inns. We stopped here to take a few photos and left with some delicious fudge from the Candy Man.
  2. PORTLAND HEAD LIGHT; what I basically went to Portland for....jk. But I had seen this lighthouse all over Instagram and was really excited to get some of my own photos there. It is so gorgeous!!! And it was a beautiful morning when we went so it was awesome.
  3. CAPE PORPOISE; another Insta find. I had seen photos of this cute building with buoys all over it so we scoped it out and it led us to a beautiful area of Maine called Cape Porpoise. It was nice being there in the off season because everything was so quiet and peaceful. Everything here was also closed down so it added kind of a cool vibe to the photos.
  4. WALKERS POINT; most known for the Bush compound which is actually really cool. The drive up to it is a gorgeous road along the water lined with huge, beautiful houses and insane views. Perfect photo spot.





and that's my first travel guide! Would love feedback, good or bad. Hope it puts Maine on your travel list ✌🏼

created by @emilymentes. to see more of my photography, visit emilyelisabeth.net or check out @emilyelisabethphotography on instagram.

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