Endeavors in Spirituality Mariah Hall - 1B

Venice, Italy

(Top left to bottom right) prayer candles, prayer wall, St Mark's Basilica, Scuola Grande di San Rocco, and Church of San Simeon Piccolo

My trip to Venice was a very inspiring one. I visited Saint Mark's Basilica (top right), however photography inside of the cathedral was prohibited, so the only pictures I could take were of the outside. Nonetheless, the architecture and art works on the exterior were amazing. The interior of the cathedral had intricate paintings of biblical stories on the ceiling. The paintings were done for people that could not understand the sermons in order to teach them Bible stories. I also saw the Scuola Grande di San Rocco, a building for religious confraternity, or brotherhood. The artwork and architecture was so elegant and beautiful! Although I did not go inside the Church of San Simeon Piccolo, it's architecture was beautiful. Many Italians, along with many tourists including myself, come to Saint Mark's Basilica and the Church of San Simeon Piccolo to have religious experiences and to pray.

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Mecca, Saudi Arabia

Mecca is one of the most significant and sacred locations in the Islamic religion. During my trip to the Mecca, I saw lots of intricate architecture and learned many practices of the Islamic faith. The most interesting aspect of the architecture in Mecca were the pillars marking the entrance to the mosque. The rectangular prism in the middle of Mecca, the Kaaba, was an interesting piece. I learned that the importance of this seemingly ordinary block is a sanctuary to the Islamic people and a direct connection to Allah.


Israel (The Western Wall & Benjamin's Tomb)

For my third stop on my religious endeavors, I visited the Western Wall and Benjamin's Tomb in Israel. The wall is the holiest place in which Jews are permitted to pray. I enjoyed watching people get lost in their prayers. My visit to Benjamin's tomb was very interesting. Originally, the tomb had an Islamic shrine to Benjamin, however the Jewish people converted the shrine into a synagogue. I liked how simple the architecture was and I love domes so it was very pretty to me.


India (Temple of Lord Rama & Rukmini Temple)

Next, I visited India to immerse myself in the practices of Hinduism. I noticed that many of the temples and religious structures that I toured were very tall. I also noticed that there were almost always statues of the Brahma. This is fitting because it is believed that the Brahma is within everyone and everything. The statues and architecture were very intricate. The Temple of Lord Rama is a center for many large religious celebrations, and the Rukmini Temple is a temple dedicated to the queen of the God Krishna.

Kopan Monastery, Nepal

Kopan Monastery, Nepal

As my journey neared it's end, I visited a Buddhist monastery. It was very peaceful and aesthetically pleasing. Although the functional buildings were minimalistic, there were elaborately decorated shrines all around the grounds. Making up for what they lacked in architectural detail, the monasteries were painted with bright, decorative artwork. It was interesting to see how others are trying to achieve enlightenment.


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