How The Youth in all Minority Communities are Affected by Drug Abuse. By Brandon Gansert

With this being said, we need help stop illegal drugs entering the country and fight the war on drugs so they don't end up in the hands of our youth. A change must be made to save their future. Here are just some of the ways the youth are affected by drugs.

Drugs are everywhere these days and everyone has has been a victim, directly or indirectly, to this drug problem. In communities and in schools, it is so frequently seen by the youth, whether in drug dealing, using, or abusing, and has a negative impact which influences bad behavior.
The youth are staring drugs as early as 12 year old. This is not just because they are so readily available, but it's due to family and community influences, lack of attention, poverty and peer pressure.
Children in all communities need to be raised with a strong support system with strong family values and guidance in order to succeed in the future. Parents and communities need to come together and be good role models for the youth and teach them about the consequences of drug abuse and how it could affect their future.
The youth school drop out rate has increased substantially. This is due to the lack of school support systems to help struggling youth. So, they resort to drugs as a way to escape and cope with the pressure of getting good grades, fitting in and sometimes just give up by dropping out because they can't meet everyone's standards. As you can see, there are a multitude of reasons.
Without the proper guidance, surroundings or intervention; the youth could possibly never see a bright future. So, by not providing a support system to keep kids in school and allowing drug use and addiction, we have completely failed our youth and lead them on a path of darkness.
And so, the youth fall into the pressures of adolescents and influences of the world of drugs. They drop out of school, start selling drugs, eventually become involved in criminal activities and end up in prison. We need to stop this cycle and do our part to help make a change now before it's too late.


Together we can support and help these communities. We can implement drug awareness classes at schools. While also offer more after school programs for youth to keep them off the streets. Likewise, provide after school care for youth so they aren’t left home alone and unmonitored. There also needs to be a community we bring together to offer drug support in communities and neighborhoods. While having more intervention from friends, parents, and school for early prevention or drugs leading into adulthood. And together we must support the government's plan on a protecting our borders to prevent illegal drugs from entering the U.S.

The Sky's The Limit!

Let us all reach beyond our limits, look deep within our hearts and souls, and help save the future for our youth!


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