Pyrotechnical Engineer emma williams

What Is A Pyrotechnic Engineer?

A pyrotechnic engineer is an engineer who normally works on a fireworks display, usually having something to do with organizing it, and in most states one has to be at least twenty-one years old, however in some it could simply be eighteen.

What Is The Current Salary?

The current salary of this occupation is $50, 210.

What Are The Work Conditions?

The work conditions of this occupation is normally outside on a fireworks display, or sometimes in a lab.

Is There A Demand For This Job In The Future?

There is no demand for this job in the future, which seems pretty obvious because this job seems pretty fun.

What Are The Major Job Responsibilities?

The major job responsibilities are of being legal age, being able to work on a fireworks stand, you must know basic safety procedures, and job procedures.

What Kind Of Education Is Needed For This Type Of Job?

There is no sort of college education needed for this job, however training from other Pyro Technicians is required or there are some training courses you can take.



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