Reverse Engineering the Human Brain Gonzalo alcantar

Reverse engineering the brain started in 2006 and was funded with 12 million by the IARPA.

Manipulating the brain

The objective- the main goal for reverse engineering the brain is to learn from it. To learn from the brain and use that knowledge to place into machines and technology to make them more human.

The project is being led by Tai Sing Lee who is a professor in computer science.

A smarter robot for a smarter world

One of the main problems in reverse engineering the brain is to understand all the Nureons.the far more complicated the. Anything. It have Nureons sending waves and moving and to understand it would take greets efforts and technology. But if we could understand it that would open up dozens of new doors and ideas advancing the worlds technology.

Researchers hope to discover the rules that the brain uses and learn about the brains visual system and how it process information. Hoping to change technology and machine learning and computer vision.

Medical field- to know how the brai. Works we would be able to fix any flaws in humans given by birth or accident anything could be fixed. Artificial limbs could be given to those who have lost and have it connect with the brain to sake it work as if it was a real limb. Fixing eyesight would make glasses and contacts a thing of the past. Blindness could be cured with artificial retinas giving you the sense of sight just by connecting it with brain making it think that it was the real deal.

Billions of Nureons acting at random

Artificial intelligence- to give robots and technology intelligence so advanced it would give them the ability to learn and grow and even ask questions, which would them to make the closest and most accurate guesses to anything.

Why It's big

  • It will open doors to create new artificial intelligence
  • It well enhance and advance the medical field
  • It will bring a new era of technology and smarter computers.
  • Allow us to more understand the brain as well as the functions of the human body
  • Eye and ear disorders will be a thing of the past.
  • Allowing technolgey to multitask well benfit the human race allowing it to do more for less work.


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