The Good Life Nature Activity by aldren collins

The Butterfly Garden

Nature on Display: My favorite nature display was most definitely the Butterfly Garden. This exhibit was the most interesting for me because it is very hands on and a very unique experience. It made me feel very connected to nature because being in an environment with so many butterflies is simply magical. This exhibit inspires you to get to know the natural world in a way that is not very often promoted to the public nor is it generally accessible in many other settings.

An interesting butterfly that I found

Nature and Ethics: The Florida Museum of Natural History provided me with an up-close interaction with many interesting butterflies, plants and birds that I have never seen before. I really appreciated the fact that I could experience a microcosm of the natural world at the museum. It allowed me to see many creatures in their natural setting with their natural behaviors. I was very excited to see all the creatures in the exhibit and it made me feel as if I were connected to the natural world. I think that the museum does an excellent job of allowing people to experience nature for what it truly is. Beautiful. When walking through the Butterfly Garden, you get a sense of overwhelming emotion. You want to protect and conserve nature for what it is because you truly appreciate it when you view such beauty in a raw form.


Nature and the Human Spirit: The Natural History Museum allows us to see how nature has evolved and how we have impacted nature. It takes us out of our ordinary lives by giving us an in-depth look at where our place is in the universe and where we stand on the scale of time. It truly goes to show you how insignificant we as individuals are. The world has been revolving around the sun for millenniums and will continue to do so long after we are all gone.

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