Honors Digital Media & Design Business and Branding

Be a yardstick of quality. Some people aren’t used to an environment where excellence is expected.

-Steve Jobs

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Course Description

This class is designed to give you real world experience in the industry while you create your own personal brand. Students who complete this class should have a professional level portfolio as well as marketing material that can be used to develop a personal business. This class is the capstone class for the HBHS DMA PaDi certificate and offers weighted credit.
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What we focus on:
  1. Professional Skills (Communication, Collaboration, Creativity)
  2. Branding Yourself (Logo, Business Card, Website, Social Media, etc.)
  3. Building a Professional Portfolio
  4. Advanced Lightroom & Photoshop Technique
  5. Continuing and Growing The HBHS Photography Brand
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Course Overview

Who should take this class

This class is aimed for the student that wants a fast-paced real world experience that provides FOR endless growth and professional opportunities. You don't do assignments for a teacher in here. You do them for a real client and you do them for yourself. If a project doesn't benefit you as a growing professional and/or the HBHS Photography program as a whole, we aren't going to waste our time doing it. There is more pressure in this environment and the stakes are higher but the reward is more meaningful and applicable to your life outside of school. If you have the passion and want to start or continue developing the skills necessary for success beyond the classroom walls then we want you here.
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Our Brand

Over the past 6 years, HBHS Photography has generated over $60,000 through various jobs and projects that are completed entirely by our students. This money helps us purchase new equipment and also offer student scholarships. To accomplish all of this we rely on dedicated teams of students that can effectively work together to create amazing work and on time. Take a look at the different departments we have and what the students are responsible for.

Team Photography Department

This group is in charge of successfully completing all of our team and individual photo shoots. This includes planning, preparing, and processing. Attention to detail and working in a fast-paced, sometimes chaotic environment is critical. Thinking on your feet and adjusting on the fly is a must.

Some students will shoot and others will process to make sure every step of the process is completed at a professional level.

Specialty Department

This might be what we are best known for and is probably the most unappreciated at the same time. The amount of people and hours that go into each one of these shots is unbelievable. If you love lighting and aren't afraid of Photoshop then this might be the group for you.

Events/Sports Department

There are a lot of awesome things that go on at our school and in our community. This department is in charge of covering those events and making sure other people see those images. This content goes on the school website homepage and is also posted on hbhsphotography.com. This is great for the social student that loves to be out of the classroom covering live and sometimes unpredictable events.

Marketing Department

If you have heard of HBHS Photography already and know what we do, then our marketing team has done a good job. If you haven't that is why we need to develop and execute effective advertising campaigns to show of all of the amazing work our students do. This is for the student that loves to think outside the box and wants to leverage technology and social media to make a mark.

Required Equipment

  • None
  • We have everything you need to create amazing work
  • Some students have their own gear but whatever you need, we probably have
  • We have new iMacs, Adobe Creative Cloud, Canon DSLRs, GoPros and a lot more...

Policies and Procedures

  • Read and agree to the Technology Usage Contract
  • Be Professional
  • Be Respectful
  • Be On Time
  • Ask Questions
  • If you don’t understand something, it is your responsibility to ask a classmate or the instructor for help in a timely manner

Your Brand

In addition, to helping build on the success of HBHS Photography you will be dedicating a lot of time to your own brand or business. This class is not just an art elective, it is a career technology course where you should develop professional skills and create concrete evidence to demonstrate that to the world. We want you to be employable in a skilled profession by the time you are done with the class, if not sooner. Most students in this class actually land paid jobs from local businesses and individuals that go beyond the normal coursework.

Student Created Logos

Visual Resumes
The goal isn't necessarily to make you a professional photographer but rather a professional with a presence. No matter what industry you end up going into, being able to brand yourself and powerfully display your skills will help get you the job of your dreams. Why not start practicing and developing those abilities now?

For more info contact Mr. Schwab: nschwab@hbuhsd.edu

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