Year in Review 2018-2019


If we were asked to describe this year in one word, it would have to be explosive! All level CCR efforts have expanded internally, externally and beyond. PCD has offered new programs, and initiatives, participated in new Career Fairs, mock interviews, Advisory Councils, and so much more. Congratulations on a great year!

We are so excited to hear about the increasing number of schools and districts that are finding the means and ways to fund additional staff to support these efforts. We've heard about additional career counselors, coordinators, job coaches, co-op coordinators and others that have been brought on to support all of your existing and growing efforts. We look forward to welcoming them to consortium meetings in the fall.

Meanwhile, we continue conversations with consortium and working groups to meet your growing needs and attend to the direction/s the group puts us in. Our student programs also now include an artifact which will be updated based on consortium input in the fall.

We are here to support your efforts and guide and support CCR efforts in our eight-county region.

Thanks for your support and partnership, Lynda

Reaching Out

During the school year, PCD meets monthly with consortium. We encourage any/all relevant counselors, coordinators, and staff involved in College & Career Readiness (CCR) efforts to attend. We see a variety of individuals monthly - career coordinators, career counselors, school counselors, transition counselors, co-op coordinators, and more.

But it doesn't end there! We are here (now with added assistance) to help with your CCR efforts as often as we possibly can. We work to share your successes through appropriate media channels and stakeholder groups. Great work is happening here!

PCD works diligently to attend relevant meetings, conferences, workshops and more and/or communicate electronically, by mail, in person and by other means with other essential groups including the CAIU counselors' network, the CAIU Curriculum Advisory Council, regional and state chambers of commerce and associations, and relevant workforce groups and initiatives including - but not limited to the ones on the right.

Student Programs


This session, at the Rachel Carson Building in Harrisburg, was attended by 110 students from Carlisle, Central Dauphin, Cumberland Valley, Derry Township, Greenwood, Mechanicsburg, Shippensburg, South Middletown, Susquehanna Twp, West Perry and the West Shore School District.

Penn DOT

Though our numbers were limited by PennDOT, we still had great energy and enthusiasm from the 45 students that attended from Big Spring, Central Dauphin, Cumberland Perry AVTS, Dauphin County Career & Tech, East Pennsboro and Shippensburg.

Criminal Justice & Law Enforcement

This first-time offering was organized cooperatively with HACC for a limited group of 50 students, with the assistance of Central Dauphin and PCD. Cooperative offerings like these define organizers like Central Dauphin as leaders and preferred partners for assisting with vital connections. PCD strives to place your school/district in the limelight, while we provide the back-end support. A shout out to Liz Potter for her help getting this program started. Carlisle, Camp Hill, Susquehanna Township, Central Dauphin, Mechanicsburg, Newport and Cumberland Perry AVTS students attended.

Hospitality & Tourism

This was another new student offering for 2018-2019, based on consortium requests. This was held at the CAIU, so registration was not capped. We experienced some weather issues, but 55 students from Carlisle, Cumberland Valley, West Shore and South Middleton braved the storm to attend. Many thanks to the fantastic assistance and leadership from Carlisle's Tracy Stritch for helping to organize this well-received session.

Tech 360

This program continues to bring in students. We are considering a revamp for 2019-2020 to focus more on IT and/or analysts which will parallel our Leadership Academy - Honors Track offering. This session offered unlimited attendance. In total, 96 students attended from Cumberland Valley, Harrisburg, West Perry, Lower Dauphin, Steelton-Highspire and Camp Hill.

Access Arts

This yearly student offering strives to focus on "non-traditional" careers in the arts that offer more consistent pay, benefits and regular working hours. This offering had unlimited registration. It total, 44 students attended from Camp Hill, Susquenita, East Pennsboro, West Perry and Harrisburg.

Business of Wellness

The Business of Wellness continues to gain interest from business partners, consortium members, and students. There is continued energy is this program and we are looking forward to its continued development. With 127 students attending, several of our schools needed full sized buses for their students including DCTS, Central Dauphin, and Cumberland Valley. In addition, those needing smaller buses and vans included: Camp Hill, Harrisburg, East Pennsboro, Carlisle, Susquenita and Derry Township.

Educator Programs

Educator in the Workplace

This year, we held four sessions: Amazon Fulfillment, Independent Electrical Contractors, Fox Subacute Care, and our Central Penn Panel was focused on providing Networking skills for educators. Altogether, 86 educators participated in the sessions representing all four counties and all levels of education.

Leadership Academy - Honors Track

This year's experience was like no other thanks to generous grants provided by Labor & Industry and the PA Department of Education. Significant reporting will be forthcoming. PCD saw this as an incredible opportunity when the RFP was announced, and leveraged many of its existing resources and developed many new partnerships to provide it for PCD member schools/districts. The program developed into a $5,000 pp value (based on program completion). PCD was able to offer it as a benefit of membership with no additional cost for a team of 4 from any member school.

Participating schools included: Mechanicsburg, Shippensburg, West Shore, Cumberland Valley, Camp Hill, Harrisburg, Derry (Hershey), Lower Dauphin, Central Dauphin, Halifax, Carlisle and Hilltop Academy (CAIU).

Working Together - Consortium

PCD thrives on collaboration. We continually search for new ways to communicate so we can help bring as many voices as possible to the table. The development of the workgroup has been one way we feel we have achieved success in this process. This year, the average consortium attendance was approximately 6 meetings (this year, we met 9 times).

339 Workshops

PCD continued to partner in 2018-2019 with Mike Thompson and Betty Holmboe to provide Comprehensive Counseling Mandate (339 Plan) workshops for interested schools. All presentations were above capacity and were met with great energy. We have heard from many regional counselors who expressed interest in continued workshops, so we are exploring additional options to continue work.


PCD is thankful for the many partners who provide their time, talent and treasure to help guide our youth to successful future careers.

Our partnerships have expanded well beyond a single page for recognition now! With it, our sincerest appreciation has expanded to those who have been with us from the very beginning, and to those who have just joined us on this exciting journey, and everyone we've met along the way. There's room for all. Many thanks!

Thanks to our Valued Member Schools & Districts

Big Spring School District, Camp Hill School District, Capital Area Intermediate Unit, Carlisle Area School District, Central Dauphin School District, Cumberland Perry Area Vocational Technical School, Cumberland Valley School District, Derry Township School District, Dauphin County Technical School, East Pennsboro Area School District, Greenwood School District, Halifax Area School District, Harrisburg School District, Lower Dauphin School District, Mechanicsburg Area School District, Middletown Area School District, Milton Hershey School, Newport School District, Northern York County School District, Shippensburg Area School District, South Middleton School District, Steelton-Highspire School District, Susquehanna Township School District, Susquenita School District, West Perry School District, West Shore School District

Into the New School Year

Summer is a busy time at PCD, prepping for student programs, educator programs, reviewing, revising and planning. We'll be taking our consortium meetings on the road this year! We're planning half our meetings at the CAIU, as usual, but we're working on finding sites that are more convenient for members to attend.

We're also working to plan listening tours for your CAC staff and anyone who is engaged in CCR efforts/initiatives in your school/district. We anticipate a schedule to be out in August, with opportunities to meet throughout the fall. Session goals are focused on gaining a better understanding of your CCR needs and initiatives so we may better serve you.

The Cradle to Career Alliance, as presented last September, is gaining interest and momentum. The large photo below provides a glimpse of some of the organizations that have shown an interest / commitment in assisting in an 8 county regional collaborative platform for sharing ideas, resources, partners, and more. Sectors are developing (Businesses, Community, Prek12, PostSecondary) and defining goals as we work together to plan combined 8 county goals including regional career fairs, a regional database/platform of partners, and much more. Pictured at PSECU's corporate headquarters in Harrisburg are representatives from: Schaedler-Yesco, Harrisburg University, Manufacturing Association, ACEC, CPAVTS, PA Chamber, HACC, Juniata River Valley Chamber, Triangle Tech, Penn College of Technology, Tender Years, Penn State, Temple University, HB McClure, IU13, L&I, Derry Township, Pinnacle Health, Bloomsburg University, LVC, PHEAA, TFEC, Shippensburg University and many more.

PCD will be continuing to offer Leadership Academy - Honors Track through the CAIU footprint. With our expansion, we made the ask in our submission for additional funding to serve our growing footprint. We are pleased to announce that we received the additional funding. Our surrounding counties have been very receptive to the PCD model which has grown tremendously in partnerships over the past 5 years.

Our strong and growing relationship with L&I, associations, and many other stakeholder groups has given us unique opportunities to access relevant workforce data and Key Contacts at businesses from a regional CRM platform which is run and maintained by SCPa Works and is the highest performing business services team in the state. The team is solely dedicated to populating the database for a variety of workforce needs, and paid through grants from DCED. Thanks to our transition to SCPa Works, we are able to not only access this information, but we have the opportunity to become a critical message/ask in the face to face interview process that has populated the regional system. We will be looking to hear your input about this as we travel the region.

Being where it matters - developing partners, growing relationships, bringing new opportunities to the table
Helping with your programs and spreading the word about your initiatives...


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