Chapter 2 Reviw By Jack JoneS

This chapter focused the girl that made the duke sex list. It told how a small joke on an email to your friends can be shared and blow up even making it on to New York Times. This conveyed the message that you wouldn't be fine with everyone seeing on the Internet.

My opinion on this chapter is that it conveys a good story. Also the moral is easy to connect and very real. People should be wary and aware of they put out onto the Internet even in private.

My favorite quote from the chapter is " She didn't post it on a blog for the world to see - it was a PowerPoint file. She didn't even post a link to it on twitter. She didn't even send it to all of her friends - just the three she trusted the most." I like this passage because it really well illustrated how out of hand things can get with a few people online. Also the massive consequences she got for it from being kicked out of college to the difficulty of getting a job in the future.

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