Walking Tour

Pre&Post Industrial Omegna

What were the perimeters of Lake Orta?

What was intended to be the perimeter of the town of Omegna?

How has industry shaped the town?

How do we envisage the next major changes?

A journey among the urban memories of Omegna in order to reconstruct the stages of over a century of evolution of the area, and to gain an insight into how a serene fishing village transformed itself into one of the most important hubs of Italian industrial activity, albeit now in decline.

Guided by Pietro and Giada’s studying, young architects and passionate local experts, this experience is an exploration of the area for features and glimpses that reveal how industry was key to shaping Omegna.

During the walk, we will also seek to surmise and discuss which features of its identity could be of value in aiding and taking forward the growing vision of Omegna as a tourist centre.


“An experience that helps shake off urban amnesia, that helps gain knowledge and stimulate awareness of the territory, both for inhabitants as well as for visitors.”

Each partecipant will get an invaluable complement to the walk.


Pre&Post-Industrial Omegna

  • Duration: 3 hours
  • Minimum 4 persons
  • Suitable for all ages
  • Fee: open donation

Meeting point: Mastronauta Art Center, Vicolo Strona 8, Omegna

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