Brain Cancer By Tia

What does Brain Cancer do ?

Brain Cancer is inflammation to the brain. It is caused by a brain tumor that is a group or a clump of fast growing cells in the brain. Brain Cancer is chronic. You could get very sick or die.

How do you get Brain Cancer ?

1.Smoking can cause Brain Cancer.

2. You can get Brain Cancer from HIV infections

3. You can get Brain Cancer from environmental toxins (poison and gas that we use on to keep it away or to make something and that we can breath in.)

4. You can get it from genetic factors.

Who is most likely to get Brain Cancer?

If you have a weak immune system you will most likely get it. If you have family history of brain cancer you most likely to get it. If you are around chemical exposure you are most likely to get it. If you had radiation at a young age you are most likely to get it. And if you are 65 or older you are most likely to get it.

Brain Cancer symptoms.

If you get Brain Cancer you will get......

You will get on and off headaches and it will get worse and unexplained nausea or vomiting. Vision problems such as blurred vision , double vision , and loss of peripheral (seeing things on side by side vision.)

How do you treat Brain Cancer?

Medications - chemotherapy ( kills cells that are growing or multiplying way to quickly.) Surgery- craniotomy (Brain surgery witch is a piece of the bone is removed from the skull.) Medical procedure - Tomotheray ( cancer treatment that aims high-does radiation. Reduces damage to nearby tissue. Radiation therapy (treatment that uses x-rays and other high-energy rays to kill abnormal cells. There is a vaccine that will boost your immune system and that will help you get rid of Brain Cancer if you have it.

How do you prevent Brain Cancer?

If your family had died or got very sick from it then chances are that you will get and you will have to go throw the medications.

1. Eat plenty of vegetables and fruits.

2. Eat a healthy diet.

3. Do not drink a lot of alcohol.

4. Mainatain a healthy weight and be active.

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