The Great Depression Bailey Thomas

My family and I had been in this state of distress for a while now. It all had happened around 1930, when all of our economic, social, and psychological problems had escalated. We were unable to make mortgage payments and we had to evacuate our house because of piled up bills that could not have been payed. We weren’t the only family that was affected though, mostly working-class and middle-class took the rough end of the stick. Those who weren’t affected were mainly high-class and rich folk.

Middle class-top left Working class-top right High class-bottom left

We had to learn to adapt. We had to adapt to our new living arrangements and the set budget. Some families did not have too, they lived a pretty “normal” life, if their father was strict and head of household. Most families were very disorganized on the scheme of things.

During the depression there wasn’t a lot to do. The loss of things brought my family closer, we played a lot of monopoly. We also would listen to the radio together. The family and I all helped each other cope and look on the bright side of things.

Dad, mom, my brothers, sisters, and I all had to get a job, if we could find one willing to hire. Mostly married women went looking for a job. At this time and at this rate it became common to see women and children working outside of the house. The jobs weren’t very high paying or in high status but we were pinching pennies. It was hard for dad to see his wife and children working because that was what he was supposed to do. He ended up feeling like a failure and wasn’t happy because he couldn’t support his family by himself. Dad had used up all of his life savings in order to keep the heat running but that didn’t last long.

The great depression was tough, but we realized what were privileges and not to be materialistic. We survived!,1309141&hl=en


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