10 things I now know Fat, Sick, and nearly dead

1.) 70 million Americans die from fast food.

2.) 61% of what humans eat is processed food, only 5% is fruits and vegetables.

3.) Without micro nutrients, our cells would be weak, which would cause things such as autoimmune diseases, stroke, and diabetes.

4.) Fruits and vegetables bring the sun's energy to our body.

5.) For people trying to lose weight, vegetables should be the base of the food pyramid of your dietary guidelines.

6.) Obesity can lead to skin sores

7.) Juice cleansing can be a useful tool to reset your taste palette.

8.) Eating more fruits and vegetables can make your body have more energy and stamina throughout the day.

9.) Juice fasting is a fast method of giving your body nutrients because liquid is more rapidly absorbed.

10.) processed foods don't even have 1/10th of the original nutrients that were in the food in the native state.


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