FLOOD A Katy Scoggin documentary

For years, I try to capture my broken relationship to my evangelical father

by making a fiction film with a happy ending.

Although I write our imaginary characters to get along,

my real dad is deeply offended by my script.

He thinks I'm poking fun at his belief in young-earth creationism - something I used to believe in myself until I went away to college.

I keep digging away at my script.

I do field research with scientists

and with creationists.

All this work leads me back home, to my real subject.

My dad agrees to let me turn my camera around on the two of us. As I film, I get to know him differently:

As a gifted educator.

As a human.

I step away from my job documenting the campaign

Frame grab from my footage, Virginia, February 2016

and embed with my family.

San Bernardino, CA

It's a time of transition. College, retirement, an election. . .and a cross-country move.

June 2016

After forty years in the San Bernardino Valley, we head for greener pastures. Father and daughter on the road.

Entering Virginia - July 2017

But we arrive at tragedy.

Heather Heyer Memorial, Charlottesville - August 13, 2017

I blame my dad. His beliefs and his politics.

But we have learned to talk. To argue, to disagree, but still love.

And share wonder.

Flood is a story about what it takes to love across the divide.

It will be a film the whole country can watch.

Opportunities to Support

I am seeking financing, grants, and distribution. I’m working with a small, experienced, and dedicated team but would love to bring on a producer to assist in fundraising and the film's sale.



Production Timeline

  • Production - wrap final shoots spring 2020
  • Post Production - Summer 2019 to Summer 2021
  • Festival Premiere - Quarter 1 2022
  • TV Release - Father's Day, June 2022


Katy Scoggin, Producer, Director, Cinematographer

Katy is an award-winning doc filmmaker and DP. She was a co-producer and cinematographer on Laura Poitras's Oscar-winning CITIZENFOUR and its follow-up, Risk; an associate producer on Emmy-nominated The Oath; and a producer and/or DP on New York Times Op-Docs The Program and Death of a Prisoner. In 2016, she filmed on the U.S. campaign trail for IDA Award-nominated Vanity Fair series NomiNation and First Look Media/Fusion series Primaries. Her feature doc Flood has received support from Film Independent, the Sundance Institute, the Sloan Foundation, the NYU Richard Vague Award, and the MacDowell Colony. Flood is a 2019 BAVC MediaMaker Fellowship and Berlinale Talents Fellow. In 2018, the project went through the IFP Documentary Lab, DCTV Docu WIP Lab, and Film Independent Fast Track. Katy was born & raised in San Bernardino, CA.

Karen Duffin, Co-Producer

Karen Duffin is a co-host and reporter for Planet Money, NPR's award-winning podcast that finds creative, entertaining ways to make sense of the big, complicated forces that move our economy. Previously, she was a producer at This American Life. She also worked for several years as an independent producer, reporting stories for shows like Radiolab, More Perfect, Reply All, The Moth, Pop-Up Magazine, On the Media, and others. Karen has been a Moth story coach and mainstage storyteller, and she has taught radio at the Columbia, NYU, and CUNY Graduate Schools of Journalism. Before becoming a journalist, Karen spent several years as a speechwriter, working in more than 20 countries.

Spencer Worthley, Cinematographer

Spencer is a documentary filmmaker and photographer based in Los Angeles. In 2016, he shot on the IDA Documentary Awards-nominated series NomiNation by Vanity Fair/First Look Media, and the Fusion series Primaries, both of which chronicled the presidential race. Spencer is the recipient of the 2017 SFFILM Holiday Party Karaoke Contest 1st Place award. He grew up in Maine.

Nathan Truesdell, Cinematographer

Nate is is a DP, producer, and editor based in Los Angeles. He filmed on AJ Schnack's Speaking is Difficult and produced Michael Palmieri and Donal Mosher's Peace in the Valley. He produced feature docs We Always Lie to Strangers (2013), Convention (2013), and Caucus (2015). He directed the award-winning, viral short Balloonfest and its follow-up, Waterslide (Camden 2018). His series The Art of Making Money was supported by Field of Vision and Topic. He is currently in production on a film about China with his partner, filmmaker Jessica Kingdon.

Michael Rossetti, Cinematographer

Mike is a cinematographer based in Los Angeles. He shot my fiction short Flood on 35mm film in 2012. We were classmates at NYU and have worked together extensively. It's been my great pleasure to invite Mike to continue filming on Flood as a feature doc. http://michaelrossetti.com

Sarah Ginsburg, Cinematographer

Sarah directs, shoots and edits short and feature-length documentary projects about people, places and the often overlooked nuances in between. She is based in Los Angeles. https://www.sarahginsburg.com/

Created By
Katy Scoggin


photos are screenshots of cinematography by Katy Scoggin and Spencer Worthley