The Clock is Ticking... A Presentation by Eligio Urani, on the play Our Town by Thornton Wilder.

In the play Our Town, the author Thornton Wilder shows that he believes death is full of regret, Even more so than life. We go through our lives running from this or that trying to have fun and be successful. Never realizing that when we will reach the end of our lives, when our spirit has left our physical body, we will look upon our former lives with regret and disdain.

In act three of Our Town, there is the funeral scene. This is where Emily comes to rest among the dead which includes her mother in law. As the dead try to explain to emily what to expect she asks about going and revisiting her life. The local dead strongly advise against it but do not explain why, just that it won't make her happy again. Emily of course ignores their advice and does it, she goes back to her 12th birthday and sees that she nor anyone else appreciated life enough to live it to its fullest. This in turn makes her heart crushingly sad and full of depressing regret. This is to show that life is to short to rush through, not paying attention to the small things in life, like how emily thinks her mom looks so young and wishes she could compliment her but when she tries to she realizes that she cannot.

Recently I read a poem that was a perfect example of a modern work that has the same theme.

When time runs out and your heart needs to say so much more

But the heart that should hear it is gone now forever

And you are left with a raw nagging sore.

Then reach for your paper, your pen and your candle

And write though your heart it would burst.

No fears now restrain you; no judgment; no mock;

Write of your best, of your worst.

When your soul is then drained of its deepest regret

Then hold your true paper to the candle's clear flame

That thought-laden smoke might reach to that heart

And ashes, a symbol of love, yet remain.

How does this theme relate to me? Well, I want to have a very eventful life. I want to be remembered as a good person with a very positive impact, but I don't want to look back at my life and wish I wouldn't have rushed. Hopefully at the end of all our lives we will be able to look back and be Happy with our lives. The clock is ticking to make our lives count.

The End
Created By
Eligio Urani


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