For those special moments By Carlos J. Barreda

"One day I woke up, from a dream I was having for such a long time. One day I woke up, in a world in which I was getting left behind. Telling myself, to grab those moments that seem to fade away. Telling myself to hold on to the memories that slowly went away. However, here I am, showing you a part of me that many don't see, making you part of me. Bringing to you what makes me believe that I can be who I always wanted to be"

Everyday I wake up thinking about this poem. Thinking about how can life be, specially if left everything behind and I decided it to simply move on and stop trying to be better. Above here there is a little poem that I wrote when I was feeling unmotivated to change and when I was feeling like I was left along in a moment of pain. Knowing I can leave the pain at any moment helps me get better every day, and in a way it helps me get better among myself.
My name is Carlos J. Barreda. I'm an undergraduate Mechanical Engineer. On my spare time I hide myself behind a camera simply to share to the world what captures my attention the most. Being able to see things in a different perspective has helped me dreamed higher than what I ever though I would. Converting my imagination into a reality, leaving my fears behind.
Original from Guatemala, Guatemala and resident in the state of Utah, U.S.A. I have been able to see and explore different cultures that have opened the door to different experiences along with new adventures that continue to teach me new lessons everyday.
Model: Anahi Martinez. SLC, Utah
Model: Chelsie Martinez
Created By
Carlos Barreda


Carlos J. Barreda

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