Williamsburg Trip 2017 By: riya daga

STONE BOWLS. These are stone bowls. These are used to make tools sharper. They rub the part of the tool that they want to make sharper and then the powder comes. The powder comes from the tools residue. The Powahattan introduced this tool. It was made out of stone.
BOW AND ARROW PRACTICE RANGES. These are bow and arrow ranges and they are used for people to practice their bow and arrow shooting for people of all ages. Mostly the kids for their practice. The darts are made out of corn husks and feathers and the practice hoops are made out of rope and something else.
This is my (Peter Pelham) house. My favorite part of the house is my room. My room is the one on the top and my favorite part of it is the windows because the glass is handmade. In my house I also have prison cells because I am the keeper of the jail. The jail is attached to the house. The exterior of my house is mostly brick. I have a canopy like bed, a dresser, mirror, fireplace, and other things in my room.
Today I visited the tin shop. Over here they take pieces of tin and melt it together (saughter) them on the stove to make things like cans and tea pots. The shop smelt like smoke from melting the tin. The tin was very smooth and you could hear the smoke. But the air tastes t like smoke too. I would use the things like tea pots and all for my everyday life. I order it either custom made or off the shelf. I would use shillings or pounds to buy it.

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