LHC eLearning Update, March 2018

When you want to ensure students are listening, try the AB Tutor Lock Function

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The lock function in AB Tutor will ensure all the students in your class are not being distracted by their laptops. The image below is what student screens look like when you have selected your class and clicked on the Lock. The sign Attention Please appears on all connected screens. To unlock, just press the Unlock button to the right of the lock symbol and students go right back to where they were.

Locked screens in AB Tutor

There are many other functions in AB Tutor you may find useful in your Middle School Classrooms. See the overview below for more details.

Looking for easy speech-to-text or text-to-speech tools for you or your students?

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Speech-to-text is available through the Learning Tools download for OneNote 2016 (the desktop version). Just download and it is ready to use.

This download will also provide text-to-speech, or Reader, functions which are especially useful for students with dyslexia but handy for everyone. The Reader function is not limited to OneNote 2016 but is also available in the View tab of all OneNote and Word documents and will eventually be rolled out across all Microsoft document types.

Polling with a difference

Checking for Understanding and Feedback

A quick way to determine if students are understanding the lesson is to conduct a live poll.

Poll Everywhere allows not only multi-choice answers but a wide variety of submissions including word clouds, clickable images and ordering options. See the picture below for all possible options. To get started create a free K-12 Education account (will allow 40 responses per poll) and then create your polls.

Possible Polls in Poll Everywhere

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